How an Alcohol Addiction Can Impact Your Teen’s Life

How an Alcohol Addiction Can Impact Your Teen’s Life

The number of teens and young adults who are struggling with alcohol addiction is on the rise. Today, more young adults than ever before are experimenting with alcohol and using this easily accessible substance as a way to manage their moods, to boost their confidence and even as a way to self-medicate, assisting with physical pain and mental anguish.

If your teen is having problems with managing their alcohol consumption and their life is negatively impacted due to drinking in both physical and mental capacities, then they may have a substance disorder. As drinking alcohol is so widely accepted, spotting the signs of a dependency can be challenging, which in turn makes overcoming alcohol addiction an uphill struggle.

Signs of an alcohol dependency disorder in young adults include withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop or cut back, secrecy, a change in social behaviours, appearing persistently intoxicated, developing a tolerance to alcohol, and immediately reaching for drinks during periods of stress or elation. To get help with alcohol addiction, go to the Yes We Can Youth Clinics website today.

Developing a dependency on alcohol as a young adult can impact your life in numerous ways and help from a rehabilitation centre is usually needed to recover from an addiction.

Let’s explore how addiction can impact a person’s life below.

  • It could be a gateway addiction

As a young drinker with a dependency issue, they’re more likely to experiment with other substances in order to get the high they want faster or to replicate the feeling of being drunk once they have developed a high tolerance to alcohol. This means they’re more likely to try other drugs such as cannabis, heroin and cocaine, and develop an addiction. You should get expert assistance from an alcohol addiction rehab centre as soon as you spot any signs of addiction they can assist you in the best way possible.

  • It can affect brain development

Drinking alcohol as a young adult can affect the development of the brain. This can cause potential damage to the cells and nerves in the hippocampus area of the brain. As this area is still developing until your twenties, alcohol dependency can affect the ability to learn, process information and impact the short- and long-term memory. This could affect your teen later in life, especially if they hope to learn new skills, gain qualifications or learn to drive.

  • They take greater risks

When your teen is dependent on alcohol, they’re less likely to process the level of risk and danger in certain situations, which means they’re more likely to become rapidly involved in dangerous scenarios. Their dependency on alcohol will begin to affect their judgement and responsiveness, clouding their ability to oversee certain situations. As a result, they could make poor decisions such as getting behind the wheel whilst intoxicated and subsequently increase the risk of a car accident.

  • It can lead to mental health issues

Many youths who are dependent on alcohol, start drinking to mask trauma, or to deflect from other issues in their lives. Sadly, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to other mood disorders, including depression and anxiety, turning alcohol dependency into a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of.

In conclusion

Developing an alcohol dependency will impact your teenager’s life in all kinds of ways. Not only will their academia suffer, but you may find them isolating themselves more from friends and family. All the while, opportunities and plans for their future, pass them by.

If you are a young person, parent or caretaker worried about alcohol dependency, speak with a healthcare professional today.

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