How Much Safer Are Children When They’re in a Play Pen?

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How Much Safer Are Children When They’re in a Play Pen?

Having a baby is one of the best things that can happen to a couple or any adult for that matter. And it even gets more exciting when your baby starts to crawl around the house or learning to walk while supporting themselves through walls, furniture, and other things around the house. However, all this excitement doesn’t come without any dangers and challenges. Any experienced parent will agree to it that babies can be really adventurous at times.

Just when you thought your cute bundle of joy was playing nicely with his or her toys, it’s only a minute or a little before you hear them crying after hurting themselves by falling or after touching a hot object in the kitchen. Believe you me, you’ll probably scream louder than your baby at such an occurrence. Call it the adrenaline rush. Babies and toddlers need to be kept safe 24/7 and it’s a difficult task!

A playpen is basically an enclosure that keeps your baby busy, entertained and safely enclosed or confined in an area when you can’t watch them as intently for a period of time, when making dinner or if you just need to pop to the loo! It allows parents and caregivers to get a minute to attend to an important matter without worrying about their child’s safety or whereabouts. Most playpens come as a well-padded enclosure that you can put one or several babies with their toys and tell them “it’s playtime”. But how exactly does a playpen keep your baby safe? How much safer are children when they’re in a playpen?

Focusing more on how a small play yard can help you as a parent, here are a few pointers that can help us to decipher this:

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  • Prevent falls and injuries

Especially when your kid is just learning how to walk, they are at a high risk of tripping, falling, and sustaining injuries. You don’t want to see the poor little thing lose his or her just developing milk teeth from a fall down the stairs. A playpen can help prevent this.

  • Safe from hazardous house chemicals and hot objects

Kids like touching, licking, and even swallowing things. And you can’t blame their innocence, it’s your job as a parent to keep your children safe from dangerous things like cleaning products. Leaving your kid for a short play sessions in a good playpen can prevent them from accessing your home’s hazardous chemicals such as bleaches when you’re cleaning as well as hot objects when you’re cooking.

  • Sharp objects

Just like with the point above, your baby is too innocent to know the dangers associated with knives, razor blades, and needles. As much as it is advisable to place such items out of their reach, a playpen can be an additional safety measure, just in case you or someone else forgets to do so.

  • Safe from boredom and loneliness

Kids tend to be upset when left alone, especially with nothing to keep them entertained. Some of the best playpens include features that not only add comfort but keep the kid engaged and entertained. The larger ones even allow you to place more than one child to keep the other company. And as we all know, kids love playmates! A playpen can keep them safe from boredom, loneliness, and the feeling of abandonment. You’ll still be right there and able to keep an eye on your child and communicate with him or her while you get on with the task you need to get done.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that not all playpens are created the same. Factors such as size, comfort, quality, and age recommendation matter a great deal. Before buying one, be sure to visit sites such as Beginnerbabycare for helpful guides and reviews on how to choose a good playpen for your child or children.

By Stuart O’Riley.

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