How To Choose The Right Fastener

How To Choose The Right Fastener

How To Choose The Right Fastener

Choosing the right fastener is essential for any application, in any setting. You might think that spending a long time picking the right fastener for your home project isn’t very productive. You might think that the quality of the fastener probably won’t matter. However, choosing the right fastener for your project is key.

Outside of a home environment, picking the right fastener can even be more critical. Engineering 360 shared the importance of choosing the right fasteners for process industries, such as oil, gas, and petrochemicals. “Picking the right fastener will not be noticed. But failing to pick the right fastener for an application may cause problems from a small leak to a disastrous failure, and that will be noticed for sure.”

How To Choose The Right Fastener

Types of fasteners

There are many different types of fasteners available for sale. Whether you want to learn more about fasteners or are wondering how to choose the right fastener for your project, today you’re in luck. I’ve partnered up with Speedy Fixings, hardware and fasteners supplier, to share more about the ins and outs of fasteners. First, let’s talk about the most commonly used fasteners.

  • Bolts: bolts are threaded fasteners that require a nut and a washer to hold objects together.
  • Screws: unlike bolts, screws are tapered fasteners that can create their own thread to fasten two materials together.
  • Nails: nails are thin metal spikes with a flat head that can be driven into or through a surface for fastening. These can also be used as hooks.
How To Choose The Right Fastener

Fastener Material

Metal Construction News shared some aspects that people should keep in mind when selecting the right fastener, including the material of the fastener. “What material a fastener is made up of is an important consideration.”

Whilst the selection of the fastener material is based upon the function and the expected long-term performance of the fastener, other factors, such as how the fastener will react to the environment, should be considered. Plus, it is also important to consider how the fastener material will react to the material it is being attached to.

How To Choose The Right Fastener


Depending on your required application, different types of fasteners will be needed. After figuring out the type of fixing you require for your application and the material that would best suit your project, you’ve narrowed down your search for the most appropriate fastener for your application.

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