How to Create Your Own Business Card Design: 7 Top Tips

How to Create Your Own Business Card Design: 7 Top Tips A Mum Reviews

How to Create Your Own Business Card Design: 7 Top Tips

Despite the growing misconceptions about business cards due to digital advertising, business cards remain an integral tool for professional businesses. For every business, all the modes of connection are an asset. Business cards are one of the hands-on points of connecting with a client or influencer. Therefore, having a well-made business card not only makes the business appear professional but reflects the quality of services offered.

That said, check out the following top 7 tips to observe when creating your business card.

  1. Study various Business Cards

The best way to create an effective business card is by studying cards from various industries. Collect as many cards as you can and compare them individually. Note what you like and what you don’t like from each card to act as a guide when designing your business card.

  1. Plan your card design according to your business type

As mentioned, business cards are a reflection of the type of business or service provided. Once you hand over the card to a client, they will interpret your business based on the card. This is why you should ensure that the card resonates with your business and services. You can get creative with the card design provided it depicts your business fully.

  1. Decide the configuration of the card

Before working on the design of the card, it is important to decide the size and shape of the card. All business cards have four important factors, which include size, custom shape, orientation, and material. Ideal business card size is 8.5 x 5cm. As for the orientation, you can opt for portrait or landscape.

How to Create Your Own Business Card Design: 7 Top Tips A Mum Reviews

  1. Work on Colour, Fonts, and Contents of the Card

Apart from the shape, size, orientation, and material of the card, you should also focus on the colour, content, and fonts. As for the card content, the rule of thumb is “less is more.” Always keep your business card printing clutter-free. The card should have your business name, designation, and image or a logo that represents the business at the front page.

At the back, include your office address, email or contact number and a tagline, which is optional. As for the fonts, most people get carried away and go overboard when finding a perfect one. From the thousands of fonts available online, ensure that you use at least 2 or 3 fonts in your card design.

Colour is the other important aspect of a business card. When choosing colour combinations, ensure to maintain some uniformity. Don’t go wild with colour mixes. Similarly, use a background colour and images that texts will remain easily visible.

  1. Proofread Carefully

Nothing will damage the reputation of your prospective business than giving off a business card with incorrect contact information or spelling mistakes. Therefore, ensure that you proofread the card carefully before printing. Double or even triple check your statements before distributing.

  1. Introduce Photos Creatively

Photos are not common in business cards for good reasons. It is impossible to add photos to small spaces. However, if need be, find a creative way of introducing the photos to make them look fantastic.

  1. Use Professional Printers and Materials

Well-designed and professionally printed cards bring more trust to the company. Therefore, don’t let down your good card design by printing it on poor card materials. Send your completed design to professional printers to bring out the best from your card.

Creating your own business card is not challenging, especially with the easily available online tools. If you feel this is challenging and need some help, don’t hesitate to contact for professional card designs and printing.

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