Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Review

Jimmy's Iced Coffee Review A Mum Reviews

Not long ago, I was lucky enough to win a case of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Original. I’m a huge coffee fan and love iced coffee in particular. Before winning this amazing prize, I had not tried Jimmy’s Coffee but now it is probably my favourite brand of ready to drink chilled coffees.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is made with semi-skimmed British milk, ethically sourced coffee and a little bit of Demerara sugar. The taste is very well balanced and that’s what I love. The coffee is strong and the sweetness is just right. I do not sweeten my coffee at home, but love the taste of brown sugar in iced coffees. I find most ready to drink iced coffees a bit too sweet but Jimmy’s has got it right! The coffee is not sickly sweet at all  just tasty and refreshing.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee comes in three versions (Original, Skinny and Decaf) and can be bought online or from the following shops: Ocado, Budgens, Selfridges&Co, Tesco Express, Waitrose, Boots, Wholefoods, Welcome Break, BP and Roadchef.

I loved having a big supply of these at home so that I could quickly grab a coffee even when I was really busy and I will be looking out for these when I need a coffee out of the house, too. Delicious!


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