Laundry on Travel vs. Bring Dead-Weight Home?

Laundry on Travel vs. Bring Dead-Weight Home A Mum Reviews

Laundry on Travel vs. Bring Dead-Weight Home?

The COVID-19 vaccine seems to be working in a vast majority across the world. An excellent sign for humanity! It is the beginning of the end of this life-changing pandemic.

Sports arenas start to sell tickets in an optimized, safe capacity with strict protocols. Travel bans from different countries begin to lift one by one. The depressed market begins to recover from all its financial damage. Tourism slowly flourishes, and the smiles on the tourists are all over the resorts and beaches once again. And even malls start to revitalize their operations.

You can now travel to your favorite tropical island, fulfill your postponed European tour, or even continue your museum hopping. But the question is, are you ready to pack smart? Because for some people, packing is a huge dilemma. Instead of fully enjoying a trip, sometimes people get baggage issues from airport to airport. If not, there’s the annoying burden of carrying a bulky suitcase that spoils all your trip’s fun.

Say adios to your worries because, in this article, we will tackle the pros and cons of packing light and availing laundry services while on travel and the cons of bringing dead-weight baggage home. Buckle up! Because after your read, you might be impulsively tempted to hop on a plane and have a change of scenery.

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  • Advantages of Availing Laundry Services While on a Trip

The existence of commercial laundry service in a foreign city might be a game-changer to your vacation. Why? You can pack light! Isn’t that the dream? Packing light for a trip. It is common knowledge that bulky baggage is such an annoying thing to carry while on a trip. You do not want to sweat a lot when you are in your best OOTD in a great tropical foreign city.

Also, most hotels offer commercial laundry services, which makes your overall trip much more convenient. Well, if not, you can always avail of a laundry service near you and have your delicate clothes laundered there. Just make sure to choose a commercial laundry shop within has a walking distance from your hotel. Commercial laundry shops with high reviews are also pretty much advisable.

  • Convenience Over Style

Imagine bringing fancy but heavy luggage to the streets of Paris. Will you enjoy the view? Will you surely captivated by the moment? Will you truly be mesmerized by the scenery? Will you feel the romantic aura oozing in every corner of Paris? With that heavy luggage, there’s a huge tendency that you might not. Sometimes, you really have to value your travel’s sole purpose, and flexing your heavy luggage is not a very good example.

Well, it is hard to deny that looking fancy in a leather jacket is quite a spectacle. But as fancy as it may look, carrying huge leather luggage is way too overrated if you prefer convenience.

Also, to those saying that backpackers are whack, they just can’t appreciate it and are terribly mistaken. Backpackers are spontaneous, independent, always on the go, and very mobile. From inexpensive hotels to rigid backpack, there’s a certain level of satisfaction about it.

Laundry on Travel vs. Bring Dead-Weight Home A Mum Reviews
  • Packing Light Makes you Hand Carry All your Baggage

Are you worried about checking your bag in? Shift to light packing. There are lots of disadvantages to checking in your baggage. First, it is an additional travel expense. If you can travel in a light packing manner and rely on a commercial laundry shop, then why still avail baggage check-in? 

Also, if you over-packed your luggage, you will surely pay an excess fee, which can be hurtful in your pockets considering your itinerary hasn’t even started yet. Plus, you do not have to wait for your luggage at the luggage carousel. Packing light gives you an edge over others since you can run off immediately after a flight while everyone waits around the carousel. If you are an overthinker, then checking in your bag on a flight will give you non-stop anxiety whether your luggage is lost or damaged. “Pack light for a great flight.” will be your next travel quote to live by.

  • Your Things are in your Full Control

Since packing light mainly involves backpacking, you do not have to worry about misplacing, damaging, and losing all your things because all of them are intact in a single container. Just make sure to use padlocks to prevent theft.

Additionally, you can manage your things in a much more organized manner. A small and rigid backpack makes your stuff easier to find. The less you bring, the less you have to lose.

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  • Bulky Luggage Can Cause a Back and Feet Sore

It is just simple math. Your back can support heavy things, but there’s a limitation to it. A long duration of carrying bulky and heavy luggage can cause soreness of the back, feet, and sometimes knees. Bear in mind that you are in a different place. Protect yourself and your body at all times. A slight pain can ultimately spoil the upcoming adventures of the trip.

  • Easier to Get Around Busy Streets

Time to exercise your mind. You are in Tokyo. One of the busiest cities in the world. You are travelling with a heavy leather suitcase. Will you enjoy the electrifying lights? Can you walk with ease? No, of course not. Light packing helps, and the only way you can pack light is to avail the nearest commercial laundry shop so you don’t need to pack as many clothes. Having less will make it much easier to roam around and get through the crowds in a bustling and crowded street.

The winner of this matchup is clearly laundry on travel. Availing laundry services naturally enable you to pack light which is really hard to attain. Believe it or not, many travelers said that overpacking is the biggest travel mistake they have made. So hop on the next plane with just a backpack and enjoy the vacation you deserve.

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