Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?

Would You Like A Cup Of Tea? A Mum Reviews

Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?

The average British person drinks over 17,000 cups of tea in their lifetime. And it’s easy to understand why: tea is by far the most versatile of our British drinks. Whether you’ve had a bad day, or you just finished repainting the kitchen, there is nothing that a good cup of tea can’t soothe. Additionally, tea is not only there to accompany to provide emotional or energy support. It’s a great friends reunion beverage, especially if served with biscuits!

Tea is so important that there is a law that forces British workplaces to have a tea making facility on their site and to encourage employees to take regular tea breaks. There is more to tea than just a cup of a warm beverage, and there is more to drink than just an English breakfast tea bag. It’s tea time: time to explore our relationship with tea and to look at ways to improve it.

  • Our Love Affair With Tea

In average, Britons drink more than 60 billion cups of tea per year. While the majority of the population takes it with milk and sometimes sugar, there are still some drinkers who enjoy their tea with lemon or simply plain, and that over 900 times per person per year. Black tea is the most popular hot drink in the UK, and remain the favourite tea in the world, reaching 78% of consumption. But tea remains in the UK a social habit that belongs to all classes and yet divides them. Taking sugar in your tea is regarded as a lower-class indicator, the more sugar you take to closer you get to the working class. But all in one tea making remains a cultural habit that is used as a space-filler. People make tea when they feel awkward in a social situation.Would You Like A Cup Of Tea? A Mum Reviews

  • Making The Perfect Tea

However, tea is not only part of uncomfortable situations. It also accompanies thinking processes, reunions, TV watching, etc. People make tea for all sort of reasons, and as a result, it’s important to have all the tea-making gear ready. While a lot of tea makers prefer the old kettle, more and more modern kitchens are using boiling water taps to prepare fresh cups of tea rapidly and easily. All you need to do is to turn the tap on, so that’s a lot faster than boiling the water. Additionally, there is no tea ritual without the appropriate teapot. Preparing tea with a teapot is not an everyday activity, but it’s a great help when you are making tea for a group of friends or relatives. Whether you pour the milk first in the cup or not, is up to you. Opinions are still divided on this point!Would You Like A Cup Of Tea? A Mum Reviews

  • Broadening Your Tea Horizons

However, there is more than just black tea, and as a result, more and more Britons are looking at ways to enjoy a warm cuppa that is rich in health benefits. For many, green tea, and especially matcha tea, is gaining in importance, keeping your mind alert throughout the day and bringing a tonne of antioxidants that you wouldn’t get in a black brew. Others are looking for fruity alternatives and herbal brews in the evening. There is a tea for every occasion, after all.

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