#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes

#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes A Mum Reviews

#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes

When Karen became a mother she developed an interest in baby keepsakes and personalised items. She was sorting through her baby’s first clothes that he’d outgrown and thought it was a shame to put them in a vacuum bag and away in the loft to be forgotten.

“His first outfit, what he wore coming home from the hospital, his first Halloween and Christmas outfits, and not forgetting those little favorites because they look so adorable.”

A friend of Karen’s told her that you can turn baby clothes into teddy bears as keepsakes and Karen loved this idea so much that she gave it ago herself. She then started making them for friends and then finally started selling them.

“The job satisfaction I get when I get great feedback about how emotional these little cuddlies make them feel.

I know first-hand what this means as I have them for both of my children taking pride of place in their bedrooms.”

Then she started making embroidered baby items too. With her son, she did the whole milestone thing using stickers as it’s so lovely to be able to look back and know exactly how old your baby is in a photo. Stickers don’t last very long though and babies and toddlers love to peel them off. Karen decided to make milestone bibs and birthday t-shirts. They last longer, are more useful and make great keepsakes.#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes A Mum Reviews

Something that’s also available from Karen’s shop, Precious Little Stiches, are sibling t-shirts and sibling baby vests. They’re available in a range of colours and with Big Sister, Lil Sister, Big Brother or Little Brother beautifully embroidered. You can request colours and you can personalise the items for an extra £3.00.#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes A Mum Reviews

The t-shirts are available in sizes Newborn to 4-5 Years and cost £9.99, the baby vests come in sizes Newborn to 12-18 Months and cost £7.99. The prices are very reasonable and the items are great value for money in my opinion.#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes A Mum Reviews

The items are made from nice and thick, good quality fabric. We chose a dark purple colour which is lovely and vibrant! As well as being really cute, embroidery is also very durable. It will not fade, peel off or wear away in the wash.

My girls look so sweet in their matching tops! We’ve had lots of compliments about them everyone loves them!#LittleOneWears / #MiniOneWears – Precious Little Stitches Clothes A Mum Reviews


We were sent these items for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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