Looking to Buy A Watch? Start with This Expert Advice.

Looking to Buy A Watch? Start with This Expert Advice. A Mum Reviews

Looking to Buy A Watch? Start with This Expert Advice.

Do you want to buy a new watch? Where do you start? Most people are not just buying a watch to have a device to keep track of time anymore. A watch is more than that – it’s a piece of jewellery and something you wear to show a bit more about you. After all, most of us carry a mobile phone around now and can see the time on them.

If you want to buy a watch from Forest Watches, here are some basic principles to consider before you make your choice and part with your money:

Mechanical or quartz?

The difference between the two techniques is simple: quartz runs with a battery, a mechanical watch runs on a spring that spins itself. I’m not going to go into much technical detail here, but if you really want the more technical insight regarding this topic, you can read it on spotthewatch.com.

The latter is the traditional way to turn on a watch (no electronics involved) and common on older watches. The automatic indication of the dial means that this is a mechanical watch that does not need to be turned by hand, but automatically fills itself when used. Our position in this case is clear: if you want a watch that is handsome, timeless, and authentic, you use a mechanical watch.

Looking to Buy A Watch? Start with This Expert Advice. A Mum Reviews

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a watch?

This depends directly on the question above, and whether you follow our advice to buy a mechanical watch or not. Assume the reasonable price of quartz reaches $950, and the mechanics really start from there. This is for proper high quality watches that will last a lifetime and more.

This year, one of the biggest surprises at the Baselworld watch exhibition is a watch made in Japan. Forced logo letters, delicate motifs on LPs and handmade perfectly, blue: this watch finishes very well.

Is it advisable to buy a watch online?

Of course you can easily get cheap items online, but in principle we always advise you to visit a reliable jewellery store. This is for several reasons:

– If your watch is damaged, you can use the warranty more easily.
– The watch is a touch experience – you really have to hold it.
– You’ll meet a jewellery craftsman who knows the trade well and can advise you.
– You can try haggling if you wish!

Consider the details.

Pay attention to the size of your watch – 40 millimeters is actually more than enough. If you’re looking for something timeless, opt for a neutral colour. Choose something beautiful and classic and avoid things with big logos printed on the face of the watch – a good brand will not need a big shouty logo, the quality will stand out and be enough.

Which rules must be met by a really good watch?

In short: a really good watch is timeless, elegant, not too flashy and mechanical.

Looking to Buy A Watch? Start with This Expert Advice. A Mum Reviews

A bit of trivia! Is that a pilot’s watch?

Anyone who talks about watches basically talks about pilot watches. It was Penerbang who started putting watches on a band.

The actual pilot watch category can be divided into two camps. Classics (such as Cartier Santos-Dumont) and the military (like Flieger made by IWC).

They do not have to meet the special requirements of being a pilot watch, so any brand can say that it has to do with airplanes. And they do it too.

Are expensive watches always better and what determines the price of a watch?

No, the quality is not always represented by the price. A more affordable watch could be just as good as a more expensive one.

There are different factors that in combination determine the price of a watch. First of all, brand reputation is important. Rolex is more expensive than TAG Heuer or Tissot PRS 516 for the simple reason that it is Rolex. Brand value is based on knowledge, expertise, and status. Residual values ​​can also play a role. Finishing is also an important aspect. For example, watches by Vacheron Constantin contain more expertise than Mido making it much more expensive to make.

Hopefully this advice is useful for you if you’re looking to buy a new watch!

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