Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Review

a mum reviews Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads review

Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Review

Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads – a very classy and classic looking toy! A bunch of big brightly coloured beads (about the size of golf or ping-pong balls) strung together that can be moved around easily by small hands. The colours are very attractive for babies and adults.

The beads are wooden, which I love. Wooden toys are great because they are non toxic and long lasting (oh and beautiful!), but they can be more dangerous than toys made from fabric or plastic! Wood is a very hard material and if a baby throws a wooden toy around he/she can easily hurt himself/herself or others. Babies need to be supervised when playing with most things but a bit more care is needed when wooden toys are involved. What I do with these beads is putting them on like a bracelet on myself and letting my baby twist and turn them while they are on me. That way she can’t chuck them around and hit herself in the head! When she is older she can hold them herself and explore them more.


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