Molly’s Beautiful Bunting Personalised Bunting Review

Molly's Beautiful Bunting Personalised Bunting Review A Mum Reviews

Molly’s Beautiful Bunting Personalised Bunting Review

Molly’s Beautiful Bunting is a family run business based in Manchester, UK. They make personalised fabric bunting for all occasions. The business started running from their Facebook page early last year but now they have a website shop filled with their most popular designs.

As the company’s mission is to provide their customers with absolutely unique fabric bunting, they hand craft each individual flag for each customer. They can make bunting to any specific needs and there’s a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. You can order anything from 7 flag buntings for indoor decorative use to 100 meter lengths for weddings and other events. You can get in touch with any design wishes and ideas and Molly’s Beautiful Bunting will help meet your needs.Molly's Beautiful Bunting Personalised Bunting Review A Mum Reviews

I ordered a 7 flag bunting for my daughter. She’s currently in our room as we are decorating the bathroom and have to store lots of things in her room but this bunting is for her room. For these pictures I hung it on her cot bed but the bunting is now hung on her curtain rail where it fits perfectly. I can’t get a good photo of it in there as there’s never any good light in there but it looks lovely and it’s a safe place to hang it.

The bunting that we chose has floral flags on each end and green and pink flags for the main flags with letters. I chose the word Happy for the text as it’s important to be happy and my girl is a very happy little child. I also didn’t want to get a name one as she’ll be sharing her room with a little sister soon so I wanted something that would be suitable for both of them.Molly's Beautiful Bunting Personalised Bunting Review A Mum Reviews

The colours are vibrant and beautiful and the bunting makes a great decorative addition to the kids’ room. The quality is lovely and every part of the bunting is well made. We’re very happy with it! My toddler loves reading the letters out loud and pointing out the different colours and the flowers.

Prices start at just £12.99. Find out more on the Molly’s Beautiful Bunting website and design your own for your home or event.

We were sent this item for review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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