IconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review

IconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review A Mum Reviews

IconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review 

A while ago, I shared our interior design plans for the children’s rooms and now we’ve finally made some of them happen! We had a large rainbow wall sticker from IconWallStickers.co.uk (the one we have is called Everyone Wants Happiness Rainbow Wall Sticker but we ordered it without the quote on the bottom) that we were planning to put up in the playroom but we changed our minds and put it up over our toddler’s bed instead as the size fits that area better.

The sticker we chose is a large, bold and fun rainbow sticker that the whole family loves but especially our two older girls who are rainbow obsessed!

Adding a rainbow wall sticker to a blank wall is a great way to quickly make a room more fun and colourful!

Before this project, we’d only installed a wall sticker once before but that was a much smaller one. It wasn’t much more difficult to install this very large one though, thanks to the very informative and helpful instructions on the IconWallStickers website and their installation video too.

IconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review A Mum ReviewsIconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review A Mum Reviews

We pretty much just followed these instructions to apply the wall sticker to the wall. We used frog tape to hold the sticker in place and a wall paper brush to smoothen the sticker out, then a loyalty card to get rid of any air bubbles. It was quite straightforward but the size meant that some of the steps were a two-man job.IconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review A Mum Reviews

We’re so happy with the result and love our new huge and colourful rainbow. We love how bold the colours are and it looks great in the kids’ room.

IconWallStickers.co.uk Rainbow Wall Sticker Review A Mum Reviews

I would happily get wall stickers from IconWallStickers again in the future as the installation was easy and the quality feels great! They offer a large range of wall stickers and wall murals.

Also check out their blog post on decorating a nursery for child development as it’s a very interesting read.

This wall sticker was provided to us for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100%  honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Contains a sponsored link.


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