NEWS – Ollies Interlocking Building Blocks

NEWS – Ollies Interlocking Building Blocks A Mum Reviews

NEWS – Ollies Interlocking Building Blocks

Introducing Ollies blocks the building blocks that put no limits or restrictions on children’s imaginations. I think they look great and they’re sure to provide lots of entertainment as the combinations are endless. They actually remind me of some toys that are often found in nurseries in Sweden but I’ve never seen anything like it in the UK before.NEWS – Ollies Interlocking Building Blocks A Mum Reviews

“Ollies is based on the idea that toys should not just entertain kids for a while but should rather engage them in productive play regularly. Inspired by our wonderful childhood days playing with building blocks, and our little girl, Ollie, Ollies was started as a toys brand that offers a unique solution to playing and learning.

Let’s face it – the main problem with toys is that children either get bored of them too soon or spend excessive time playing with them without any productive gain. Ollies changes this aspect to toys. Through an innovative yet simple solution, we allow your children to be engaged in constructive playtime, developing their skills and abilities all the while having fun playing with building blocks that don’t bore them anytime soon!

Ollies Interlocking Building Blocks are unique, different from traditional building blocks as they truly offer endless possibilities. With nothing to limit their imagination, kids can create anything they want with these building blocks. The interlocking blocks fit each other perfectly, forming various angles and shapes. This not just prevents them from getting bored but also encourages them to indulge in their creativity and develop their skills better.”

“At Ollies, we’re committed to building innovative solutions for kids but we haven’t forgotten safety and quality with Ollies Interlocking Building Blocks either. Created with the finest oak and safe colorful plastic pegs, they are perfectly safe for your children to play with and are durable all the same.

Ollies is the smarter solution to toys enjoy time with your little ones, engaging yourself and them in play that is ideal for their creative and mental development. “

Support the Kickstarter campaign for Ollies Wooden Blocks and pre-order your own set.

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