Overwhelmed by a Messy Kitchen? Here’s How to Get it Sorted

Overwhelmed by a Messy Kitchen? Here's How to Get it Sorted

Overwhelmed by a Messy Kitchen? Here’s How to Get it Sorted

The kitchen is a constant battle to keep clean and tidy. As soon as it’s tidy, it feels like it becomes a mess again instantly. That’s how family life goes. Even if it gets messy quickly again, cleaning your kitchen is an essential daily task. It can feel very overwhelming when the whole kitchen looks like a mess as it’s hard to know where to start when it feels like such a big task. I go through this on a daily basis and here’s what I do to get it all sorted (as much as possible!):

  1. Just start! The first step is to start. I like to start with one of the jobs that makes the biggest difference and that helps to make the rest of the kitchen cleaning process go more smoothly. I usually start with the dishwasher and the dishes. I empty the dishwasher and fill it up with the dirty dishes so that the sink is empty to clean any things that don’t go in the dishwasher. Then I empty the bins and take out the recycling.
  2. Work on the surfaces. Once the dishes and the rubbish are gone, it’s time to tackle the surfaces. Put away anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen and put back things that belong inside the kitchen cupboards and don’t need to be out on your worktop. Once clear of everything that doesn’t belong, clean your worktops and the kitchen table too, if applicable.
  3. Clean the floor. Your kitchen should be quite tidy and clean now. Always clean the floor after the surfaces as crumbs and bits always end up falling down. Sweep, vacuum, mop – whatever your floor type needs.
  4. Shine your sink. Now that you know you don’t need your sink for any more tasks for this clean-up, give it a good scrub and shine and neaten the area up.

That’s it – that’s all that should be needed on a daily basis! It doesn’t take that long once you get started and if you get into the habit of the above routine then you should feel less overwhelmed next time as you’ll know where to start and what to do.

I also like to make this daily job more fun by putting on an audiobook or some music to listen to.

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