OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration

OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration

I was recently on the lookout for a new high chair for my youngest as the one we had for her didn’t work very well anymore as she’d grown and gained new skills standing up in the seat which is not something mothers like their babies to do! She somehow managed to do this even when she was strapped in with a harness. What I was looking for was something wooden and sturdy that was long-lasting and that had a removable tray and a really secure harness to keep my little acrobat safely in her seat. Bonus points for anything that looked stylish too and was easy to use and clean. I’m very pleased to say that I found the perfect high chair ticking all these boxes and more!OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

The chair I found is the absolutely gorgeous OXO Tot Sprout High Chair which is an award-winning chair that is designed for extended use as it grows with your child from 6 months to 5 years. I’ve been able to test out the different age settings as I have a 13-month-old and a 3-and-a-half-year-old who have both enjoyed trying out this beautiful chair.

The Sprout has really sturdy legs made from wood, a seat and tray made from easy-to-clean plastic and wipe-clean seat cushions made from foam. It’s a great combination of materials. I love wooden high chairs but it is way more practical to have the seat and tray made from plastic as these parts have to be cleaned so often and wood gets damaged more easily.OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

The chair is currently available in four different colour combinations:

  • Green / Walnut
  • Taupe / Birch
  • Taupe / Walnut
  • Grey / Grey

We have the new Grey / Grey option and it looks very modern and stylish! We have a lot of white and grey in our kitchen so it works really well in our home. It was really easy and quick to build with just a few screws. I built it in the heatwave whilst cooking and it didn’t take long at all. The instructions were really clear and easy to follow too.OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

The seat, back and foam cushions of are contoured to be comfortable for your child and to promote good posture. It seems like a really comfortable seat and my littlest girl seems very happy in her new chair. She’s not even tried to get out of it yet but I also know she can’t thanks to the crotch post and secure 5-point-harness keeping her safely and comfortably in place.

The footprint of the Sprout is smaller than most wooden high chairs which is great as it means no more stubbed toes and it’s easy to fit in a smaller kitchen even though it doesn’t fold up. I personally prefer sturdiness over a foldability as a high chair is out and used all the time anyway. For us, there would be no point in putting it away and getting it back out 6-7 times every day when it’s time for a meal, a snack or some crafts.

The narrow design also makes the chair easy to get through doorways which is very useful for me. I take the chair into the garden when the weather allows for some al fresco dining or for somewhere for my youngest to sit safely if I’m hanging the washing. The seat is still very spacious and will definitely accommodate most children up to the age of 5 years, maybe more. The chair is scaled for dining table height so should fit most tables. The seat has three different height settings too, so can easily be adjusted to fit your table.OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

The tray is very clever! You can adjust it or remove it one-handed which is helpful when you’re dealing with a messy baby/toddler covered in food! You can quickly adjust the tray position and seat depth to fit your child or just open it up a bit to easily get your baby out. The tray is easy to store when not in use (I put it on top of our washing machine as there’s a perfect gap there) but has also got a very large surface which is great for baby-led weaning which we do a lot of. Little Miss Independent loves feeding herself and this tray gives her plenty of room to explore her food while eating.OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

It’s got a recess that can contain over 7-ounces of spilled liquid which is great too as kids love to spill/pour things out! It’s also a great size for playing with toys or doing crafts. My youngest enjoys getting involved when she sees her sister playing with Play-Doh or colouring in so I usually give her a few safe bits to play with so she can take part too. It’s a really sturdy tray which is important to me. The whole chair is really sturdy!

The tray has a button underneath that you compress to slide it onto the armrest and you use the same button when adjusting the seat depth and when removing the tray.

The high chair is easy to clean which is essential too as this has to be done several times every day. I just wipe it down with a damp cloth after each meal. I usually clean the tray first, take it off and then wipe the harness and the seat down too. I take the seat pad off a few times a week to remove any crumbs that might have got underneath. It’s all very easy and straightforward! The harness can be removed too so you can give it a wash in the sink if you little one has made a big mess. If your child is really messy, I would suggest a cover-all bib as that will protect the harness and contain the mess. My littlest one has reached the bib-refusing age though but she’s not too messy or I’ve lowered my standards being a mum of two!

Transforming the Sprout from a baby high chair to a child’s chair

One of the big selling points of the Sprout chair is that it’s so long lasting. You can use it from the start of weaning to the age when your child will just use a regular adult dining chair. It’s got an RRP of £205 which is more expensive than many high chairs but it’s a really great chair and because it lasts so long, it’s not very expensive per year at all. It’s actually only £160 from Amazon.co.uk at the moment.

The chair has three levels of seat height adjustment to grow with your child. The footrest has three settings too and can be adjusted independently of seat height.

The middle seat height setting is recommended for toddlers between 18 and 36 months and after that the chair can be converted into a youth chair for children between 3 and 5 years old (up to 60lbs or 27kg). Then you put the seat at the lowest height setting and remove the crotch post, tray and straps. You also change the seat pad for a youth one that covers the part where the crotch post was before. You get this replacement seat pad with your chair.OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review + Video Demonstration A Mum Reviews

The high chair is really easy and quick to transform to a comfortable child’s seat and the best thing is that you can do most steps without any tools! The only thing you need a tool for is to remove the crotch post and you only need to use a screwdriver to remove the four screws. It’s so easy!

Check out my video below for a quick demonstration of the transformation:

Other Details

The chair and cushion are PVC, phthalate and BPA free and complies with ASTM and CPSIA standards

The OXO Tot Sprout has won the following awards:

  • Red Dot Award Winner: Product Design – Best of the Best
  • IDSA International Design Excellence Award Winner: Silver
  • Spark! Design Award Winner: Silver


We’re all really happy with the the OXO Tot Sprout chair. It’s got everything I was looking for in a high chair and more! It’s very user-friendly, stylish, compact, easy to clean and adjust, comfortable, secure, safe, sturdy and long-lasting. The materials are good quality and I’m sure it will last us a long, long time.

Buy yours from the OXO Tot website or through retailers like Amazon.co.uk, for example. You can also buy more replacement seat cushion sets if needed.

We were sent this chair for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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