Pregnant With Baby No. 2 – First Trimester Summary

Pregnant With Baby No 2 - First Trimester Recap A Mum Reviews

Pregnant With Baby No. 2 – First Trimester Summary

News!  We’re having another baby! This week we’ve had our first scan and everything looks fine and I’m now 14 weeks and 2 days along according to the scan measurements. I was put forward 5 days so that was nice! The baby is due in May.

I’m glad to be out of the first trimester! Here’s what it’s been like…

How far along? 

14 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain? 

No idea. I know my current weight as they weighed me after the scan a couple of days ago but I never weigh myself normally so it doesn’t mean anything. I have just started showing a little bit but my bump is not much bigger than a bit of pizza or pasta bloat. I eat a lot of pizza and pasta so the bump could actually be just that…

Maternity clothes? 

Yes, I have already got my maternity jeans out. I don’t really need them yet but the waistlines are so comfy and proper jeans aren’t. I like to be comfy. I have quite a few maternity dresses that I never put away after my last pregnancy because they’re all styles that work before, during and after pregnancy and some are breastfeeding friendly too.Pregnant With Baby No 2 - First Trimester Recap A Mum Reviews

Stretch marks?

No, but I’ve now grown much yet. I need to get better at applying creams and oils after my shower though but most nights I’m too tired. I just need to do it! I did last time around and didn’t get any marks on my belly until the last week when I got lazy and didn’t moisturise. I got some on my boobs when my milk came in though, but they’ve gone now.


Pregnancy is not disturbing my sleep but my toddler wakes me up at least once every night. I’m quite used to it now though! We are working on getting her to sleep through the night by the time the next one arrives.

Best moment this trimester?

Having our first scan and seeing our second baby for the first time.

Worst moment this trimester?

The nausea, definitely. I’ve only thrown up a handful of times but a few of those were really violent and horrible.

Miss anything? 

I would expect myself to say coffee, tea and wine but I really don’t fancy any of it. I miss not being exhausted all the time. I’m always tired and have been since I was a teenager but tired is different from exhausted.


Yes, I started feeling movements a couple of weeks ago. After seeing the baby at the scan I’m not surprised though he or she is a proper little acrobat just like our little girl was in utero.

Food cravings? 

Oranges, clementines, apples, biscuits, ice cold water, hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream, fruit squash, bread, ALL THE PASTA with tomato sauce and cheese, pizza, sweets on some days and salty things on other days.Pregnant With Baby No 2 - First Trimester Recap A Mum Reviews

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? 

Tea! I’ve completely gone off tea and all other hot drinks except for hot chocolate. Strong food smells have made me queasy during the first trimester too and in the beginning I was not interested in chocolate which I usually love.


No idea. My husband’s family thinks it’s a boy but it’s probably a girl because my family is pretty much all girls. We have no preference.


Bad nausea all day and all night from 4-5 weeks, migraines, exhaustion, hungry more often but can’t eat big portions, stretching pains in my abdomen, sore boobs in the last few weeks, baby movements!

Belly button in or out? 

In. It never really popped during my first pregnancy so I’m not expecting it to this time around either.

Happy or moody?

I’m happy but my husband thinks I’ve been more moody haha…

Looking forward to?

Explaining to our daughter what’s happening and having our next scan when we will hopefully find out the gender. This will be before Christmas!


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