Pregnant With Baby No. 2 – Second Trimester Summary

Pregnant With Baby No. 2 – Second Trimester Summary A Mum Reviews

Pregnant With Baby No. 2 – Second Trimester Summary

I’m nearly at the end of the second trimester of my second pregnancy. Here’s what it’s been like…

How far along? 

26 weeks the photo above was taken a week ago.

Total weight gain? 

No idea. I don’t weigh myself but I look like I’ve mostly gained bump and a bit of boobs!

Maternity clothes? 

Yes! Especially maternity leggings as they’re the most comfortable. Mine are from H&M. I’ve also bought a bunch of long, loose fit t-shirts from there that are not maternity but fit my growing belly very well.

Stretch marks?

None yet. I’m trying to moisturise my bumb, breasts, hips and thighs as often as I remember and I have various stretch marks creams that I love to use. I’ve not been as good at remembering like I was during my first pregnancy. I did have a lot more free time then though!


I’m waking up needing a wee at least once a night now and I’m struggling to sleep on my left side due to pelvic girdle pain so I’m quite uncomfortable at night. My Theraline pillow is helping a lot though! My toddler is still waking me once a night too (at least) but I’m quite used to that.

Best moment this trimester?

Having our second scan which showed everything looked fine and that we’re having another girl! I’ve bought some new bits of clothes too which I’m happy about. We have lots of clothes left from my first daughter but needed to get some more newborn bits.

Worst moment this trimester?

Pelvic girdle pain kicking in! I had it last time too, but I think it’s started earlier this time around.

Miss anything? 

I wish I could nap! I don’t really miss alcohol (I’ve discovered some lovely non-alcoholic alternatives) and I’ve not yet (until now) thought about all the cheeses that I can’t eat. I miss sleeping and sitting comfortably.


Yes, quite a lot now and my husband can feel them from the outside too. I can sometimes see them as well. The little girl is getting quite strong and some kicks have been quite painful!

Food cravings? 

Oranges, biscuits, chocolate, Soreen with lots of butter and Port Salut cheese, hot chocolates with whipped cream, porridge with golden syrup…

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? 

I can have tea again which I’m very happy about. Some days I’m still really sensitive to strong smells.


A girl! See our gender reveal here.


Growing bump, bigger boobs, lots of kicks, tiredness, pelvic girdle pain, hungry more often but fill up more quickly now …

Belly button in or out? 

In. It never really popped during my first pregnancy so I’m not expecting it to this time around either.

Happy or moody?

Happy most of the time.

Looking forward to?

Getting everything ready for our second baby. There’s still lots to do and I can’t really get started yet as we’re in the middle of our bathroom renovation and the house is a mess!Pregnant With Baby No. 2 – Second Trimester Summary A Mum Reviews

This was my bump sometime around Christmas. It doesn’t look that much different now but it varies so much depending on what I’m wearing and how the baby is laid.


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