Pump in Style: How to Prepare for Christmas Celebrations with a New Baby

Pump in Style: How to Prepare for Christmas Celebrations with a New Baby

Pump in Style: How to Prepare for Christmas Celebrations with a New Baby

Here in the UK, you can tell that we are getting closer to Christmas. All across the country, the Halloween decorations are getting replaced by Christmas ones – festive wreaths are appearing on doors, cosy lights are twinkling in the windows in the dark evenings, the shops are filling with festive goodies in preparation for the cheerful season. People are making plans for the holidays – what to eat, what to wear, how to decorate, what presents to buy, and which Christmas events to attend. It’s a jolly time full of anticipation and excitement!

If you have a new baby, you might be wondering what this Christmas is going to look like for you. Having a baby means many things in life change as your priorities shift to be there for your new little bundle of joy.

Christmas can be a very busy time for mums (new and experienced!) who are trying to make the festive period special for their family. In this article, we are going to look at how to prepare for Christmas celebrations with a new baby, with helpful ways to enjoy it all while doing everything you want to do this Christmas while also caring for your baby.

Pump in Style: How to Prepare for Christmas Celebrations with a New Baby
  • Make the most of your baby’s naptime!

When your baby naps, this is the perfect opportunity to get some things done but choose your naptime tasks carefully. You want to do the things that are hard to do when your baby is awake such as planning social events for the festive season. It can also be a good idea to plan meetups with friends and family around naptime so that you can catch up while your baby sleeps.

Babies usually sleep really well when they are in a baby carrier or in a pram being pushed around outdoors. This makes naptime a great opportunity to visit a Christmas market, to see the Christmas lights in your town, or to pop to the shops to buy Christmas presents or decorations.

Pump in Style: How to Prepare for Christmas Celebrations with a New Baby
  • Pump while you are busy doing other things.

For breastfeeding mums, expressing milk is a great way to allow yourself some time for yourself as it means your partner or other people can help feed your baby. This can be so useful for simple things like needing to get a bit more sleep or wanting to enjoy a long hot soak without worrying about your baby needing your milk. It is also helpful if you want to attend a Christmas party this festive season. Most UK businesses have a Christmas party for their staff and babies are usually not invited. Being able to still provide your baby with your breastmilk while you are away for a few hours is a wonderful solution.

If you are a mama who expresses milk for your baby, then choose a breast pump that lets you pump whilst doing other things, like the Momcozy M5 wearable breast pump. This Momcozy breast pump has such a clever design and lots of useful features. The baby mouth design of the Momcozy M5 offers a precise horizontal pumping angle that mimics the suckling angle from a baby unlike most pumps that do an upwards or downwards pulling of the nipple that can be quite rough and painful. With the Momcozy pump, you can enjoy painless pumping with a better let-down. The Momcozy breast pump also features a mixed mode where it vibrates and pumps at the same time. This helps loosen the milk ducts while you pump which results in more milk at a faster time. It also reduces the risk of mastitis and engorgement.

The Momcozy M5 weighs just 230g and discreetly fits inside a Momcozy handsfree nursing/pumping bra so that you can pump while getting other things done, like wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards for your friends and family, preparing food for your Christmas lunch or simply cuddling with your baby. Gone are the days where pumping breastmilk meant that you had to sit and hold a pump and its container for 30 minutes while not being able to do anything else other than watching TV. With a wearable breast pump, pumping becomes effortless and convenient instead. Store your expressed milk in breastmilk storage bags in the freezer so that you always have a stash ready when you need it.

Pump in Style: How to Prepare for Christmas Celebrations with a New Baby
  • Involve your baby!

Even if your baby is young, they can be involved in the Christmas festivities. Babies sleep a lot while they are newborns, but older babies will love being a part of the festive fun. A baby bouncer chair is a great investment that lets your baby sit comfortably and safely while getting a good view of what’s going on around them. While you’re decorating the tree, sit them next to you and show them the decorations. If you’re wrapping presents on the floor, sit them next to you in their chair so that you can chat to them while getting the wrapping done. Pop them in their chair with you in the kitchen while you’re preparing dishes for Christmas lunch so that they can be near you and see you as that’s what is most important to babies.

There you have it! These are my tips for preparing for Christmas celebrations with a new baby, letting you get everything you need to get done ticked off while also enjoying the festivities!


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