Simple Tricks to Get Dog Hair out of Carpets and Furniture

Simple Tricks to Get Dog Hair out of Carpets and Furniture A Mum Reviews

Simple Tricks to Get Dog Hair out of Carpets and Furniture

To many of us, dogs are lovable creatures that bless us with unconditional affection and adoration. They guard our homes, entertain our children, charm our guests, and empty our wallets of all that money we didn’t really need anyway.

They also leave hair absolutely everywhere. How did my dog’s hair get behind my couch? My dog can’t fit back there, yet there the hair is. I suspect high sorcery.

So, let’s go over a few tips for getting rid of all that dog hair that piles up on our carpets and furniture.

  1. An Ounce of Prevention

Brush your dog. If the hair isn’t on the dog’s body to shed, it will not later appear on your furniture (my own dog’s sorcerous powers notwithstanding). Spend some time every few days giving your dog a thorough brushing-down to eliminate loose fur. Your dog will enjoy feeling lighter and cooler, and you won’t spend as much time vacuuming.Simple Tricks to Get Dog Hair out of Carpets and Furniture A Mum Reviews

  1. Get a Powerful Vacuum

Pet hair tends to cling to carpeted or upholstered surfaces, either through static force or by getting wound into the fibers of the surface. A strong vacuum with a powerful nozzle is a very good investment for combating the build-up of dog fur on your upholstery and furnishings.

Additionally, make sure to select vacuums based on your needs. A house with only one couch can make do with an upright vac that has upholstery attachments. On the other hand, a two-story home with furnishings in ten rooms (each of which the dog can go in, naturally) would benefit from a portable upholstery vacuum of the battery-charged variety.

Visit the following website to examine 10 choices for best pet-vacuums evaluated by 10 Machines:

Simple Tricks to Get Dog Hair out of Carpets and Furniture A Mum Reviews

  1. Consider Robot Assistance!

A part of the reason pet hair is so hard to clean is that it gets ground into surfaces over an extended period of time. Let’s face it, very few of us have the time, energy, or even inclination to vacuum the same rooms, day in and day out.

An automated robot type vacuum for your most-used level of the house can save you a lot of energy. It doesn’t have the power to grab those deeply worked-in hairs, of course. However, it can pick up the latest shed bits and reduce the total amount you have to fight to get out of the ground.New Bathroom Details - Sneak Peek A Mum Reviews

  1. Use a Squeegee

This sounds bizarre, but trust us that it works quite well. Get a typical window squeegee with a long handle, and drag it across your carpet or upholstery. The rubber of the window cleaner will drag stubborn hairs along as you use it, helping reduce obvious, large and unsightly spots of hair.

Thank you to Joe Truini for sharing this tip at Today’s Homeowner.

  1. Buy a Fur Remover

These are nifty gadgets consisting of two-sided brushes, each with a different size of rubber bristle. They operate on a similar principle to the squeegee, but in a handheld size. The squeegee approach is probably the best for floors and carpets, given the available length, but handheld brush-type fur removers will be easier to use on upholstery at a similar level to yourself.

By Craig Fowler.

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