Simply Pure & Sensitive Powder-Tabs Laundry Detergent Review

Simply Pure & Sensitive Powder-Tabs Laundry Detergent Review A Mum Reviews

Simply Pure & Sensitive Powder-Tabs Laundry Detergent Review

Simply Powder-Tabs Laundry Detergent are non-bio, soluble soft-tabs with a high performance formulation designed to deliver optimum results in all water conditions. Simply has ensured that the detergents are compatible and in line with modern washing machine technology which often uses less water. Many detergents struggle to break down and rinse thoroughly in modern machinery and detergent manufacturers are struggling to create formulas that do not leave any residue on the laundry and rinses off properly. The powder is neatly dosed in a dissoluble sachet.Simply Pure & Sensitive Powder-Tabs Laundry Detergent Review A Mum Reviews

Simply do not believe in using perfumes to reflect how clean laundry is but focus on actually cleaning and sanitising the clothes properly. The detergent is environmentally friendly, phosphate free and all the ingredients are 100% biodegradable. The products are all manufactured in the Simply factory in West Yorkshire. Simply Powder-Tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society. The Sensitive version is lightly fragranced.

There’s a Simply Pure version too which is great for people who suffer from allergies, have sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema and for babies. It’s a hypo-allergenic formulation, giving your family an excellent non biological wash that is gentle on your skin. It’s a 100% allergen and fragrance free soluble laundry detergent designed to clean, sanitise and eliminate bacteria from your garments. The patented formulation is designed to eliminate the triggers in laundry detergents that aggravate eczema and other atopic conditions.Simply Pure & Sensitive Powder-Tabs Laundry Detergent Review A Mum Reviews

Mums look for laundry detergents that are safe and gentle enough to use for baby clothes but that have high quality stain removing ingredients too and a formula that rinses off well so that there’s no residue that might irritate sensitive skin. Simply asked mums what they wanted and created the product they were looking for. Something that many mums wanted was a high performance powder wrapped in a convenient water soluble sachet delivered in an environmentally friendly package. Simply Pure cleans tough stains effortlessly without compromising your health and the environment. Simply was the first company in the EU to be awarded European Eco-Label for all their detergents.

I’ve been using these products for a few weeks now. I like to use non-bio detergents since becoming a mum as they’re better for sensitive baby and toddler skin. My husband also has sensitive skin and does not like heavily fragranced detergents as they often make him sneeze.

The Simply tabs are really convenient and really do not leave any residue which is rare for a powder in my experience. We have a relatively new washing machine and I assume it’s environmentally friendly with its water use. Sometime the tabs don’t dissolve entirely in the detergent drawer but I think this might have to do with the amount of water my machine uses or the water temperature.

Neither my daughter nor my husband have had any irritation from these products and the washing comes out looking and smelling very fresh and clean.

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