Small Gestures that Make a Big Difference

Small Gestures that Make a Big Difference

Small Gestures that Make a Big Difference

We all live in a world filled with unsavoury things. You only need to switch on the morning news to bum yourself out for the rest of the day. And you aren’t alone, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic still tearing through the world and causing massive fatalities. But you don’t need to live in misery as you can make yourself feel better with small gestures that make a big difference to someone else too.

  • Floral Arrangement Gifting

Using flowers for special occasions is an ancient tradition dating back to the Egyptians and Romans. This tradition is carried on today for events such as weddings, funerals and birthdays. Yet, there shouldn’t be a reason for gifting someone a bunch of flowers. The simple act of giving someone a beautiful bouquet or arrangement is always a welcome gift.

In addition, you can say to someone you are thinking of them with a Flowercard. Flower Cards are small, personal and intimate floral arrangements. They can be personalized for any occasion or gesture. They are also arranged according to tradition and meaning, with personalized notes. Hence, the recipient knows why they have been sent.

Small Gestures that Make a Big Difference
  • Postcards and Messages

Speaking of notes, you can really make someone’s day with simple text. For example, just leaving a PostIt on your loved one’s mirror to say I love you will make their day. Alternatively, you could send a postcard with a special message and a personal touch. This is one of the smallest gestures you can create and costs almost nothing. Yet, it can make a huge difference.

Psychologists recognize that meaningful encouragement in the form of a note is an excellent way to show some appreciation for others. Of course, in these times of digital communication, you could consider a funny email, a simple text or an emoji-filled message via your smartphone. Facebook messenger is filled with animated GIFs that can make someone’s day.

  • Respectful Compliments 

People don’t seem to compliment each other enough these days. You might recall a well-finished job at work and were not thanked for it. You might remember a time when you wanted to compliment a co-worker’s outfit but weren’t sure about your company’s harassment policy. Whatever happened to just being nice?

Of course, there may be a fine line between genuine compliments and what could be perceived as negging, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing it. If someone does something well, congratulate them on it. If they look great after a hairstyle change, don’t be afraid to say so. Phrases like “you should be proud”, “You’re amazing”, and “I appreciate what you do” will go a long way to making the recipient feel good about themselves.

Small Gestures that Make a Big Difference
  • Help with an Errand

If the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted anything, it is that not everyone lives a blessed life. Many people were left on their own, isolated and alone. Especially the elderly, disable and mentally challenged. Vulnerable groups like these were and still are in dire need of some help, and helping with an everyday task can make a huge difference in their lives.

Helping people doesn’t need to end there, however. You could make it a weekly or daily goal to help someone with an errand or chore. Most people are very busy these days, and no one has the time they feel they need to do everything. Think about it. There will be tons of things you need to do. While helping someone will detract from your own time, you can be proud that time went to making someone else’s life a little easier.

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