Stylish Ways to Improve your Home Security

Stylish Ways to Improve your Home Security

Stylish Ways to Improve your Home Security

Bills are still steadily rising and home insurance is no different. We’ve seen a big jump over the last few years, with premiums typically increasing by 15% to 40%. A large percentage of this rise is due to storm damage but contents insurance is also going up. And those who have previously filed a claim tend to be hit the hardest. That’s why it’s important to keep your home safe and secure, by finding ways to improve your home security.

At the same time, our homes are our biggest asset, so we want to keep them looking their best to maintain their value. And of course, they’re where we live. So, we want our homes to be stylish and comfortable, rather than just functional.

Home security and stylish design aren’t two things that usually go together yet both are important to us as homeowners. So, can you increase your home’s security while boosting its style? Yes, you can. Here are a few ways to do it.

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Install electric gates

Automatic gates at the front of your house aren’t simply convenient, they also help to keep your property secure. And they do add style. For instance, a double set of curved metal gates with spearhead finials will surely add a touch of grandeur to your home but it will also boost your security. As well as acting as a visual deterrent to intruders, integrating smart, keypad, intercom or camera controls will allow you to monitor and tighten access. Although extras such as smart controls, anti-lift hinges and good-quality locking systems can add to your electric gate cost, they’re certainly going to improve your home security. 

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Gravel your drive and paths

It’s not just electric gates that can add style and security to the front of your home. The simple addition of gravel to your driveway and paths is another effective change you can make. And the great thing about gravel is it’s noisy. This means it’s easy to hear when people are sneaking around the outside of your home. Flint and quartz mixtures, buff marble chippings and multi-coloured pea shingle are just some of the attractive options for gravelling your exterior. So, it’s a good option for adding style too.

Plant tactical shrubs

Typically, you can’t install tall fences around your home without planning permission and doing this can block out a lot of natural light and make your home feel like a fortress. So, you might want to take a different tack to keep intruders out. Planting some tactical shrubs is one such solution.  

Wide, bushy shrubs with thorny stems or spiky leaves aren’t going to be nice or easy to push through. This makes them a good for securing your garden while keeping it looking lush and green. Holly with variegated foliage, pyracantha with bright yellow or orange berries will look good. As will prickly hedging plants such as blackthorn and gorse, thanks to their pretty flowers. 

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Fit outdoor lights with sensors

Burglars make use of the dark to go undetected. So, outdoor lighting isn’t just practical for seeing where you’re going, it’s also good for deterring thieves. Lights with motion sensors will automatically come on when someone moves about outside, making them an affordable security feature. But don’t worry, you needn’t install industrial-looking flood lights as there are many stylish options to choose from. For instance, you can get traditional lanterns and contemporary glass and metal lights with PIR sensors built in.  

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Upgrade your doors

Your front and back doors are the main entryways to your home but they’re also weak points and are commonly used by burglars trying to break in. If your home currently has old uPVC doors, no doubt they look a bit dated and cheap. But they may also have older-style cylinder locks fitted, which aren’t as secure as the modern versions.

So, why not switch these out for strong and thermally-efficient composite doors with multi-point, anti-snap locking systems? These come in a variety of styles and colours, so you should find one to suit your home. Those with traditional and cottage styles have realistic wood grains and can be bought with leaded and stained glazing for more period character.

If you prefer wooden versions, then you can still upgrade your security by going for doors with a thickness of at least 44mm thick and glazing with toughened glass. A five-lever mortice lock that conforms to British Standards should prevent it being easy to open but extra locks can also be added to this type of door to boost security further.

Ditch the key bowl

Another security weak point is located in your hallway. Many of us have a hook or a console table with a bowl by the front door for our keys. The problem with this is it’s on show and accessible to opportunist thieves.

Of course, taking this away means you’re more likely to lose your keys and they won’t be to hand when you leave the house. So, one stylish trick you can use instead, is to get a secret key holder. These are commonly designed as a book or plant pot and contain a hidden compartment for your keys. This means you can keep your keys handy without anyone knowing they’re there.

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