Which Heating System Is Best for Your Home?

Which Heating System Is Best for Your Home? A Mum Reviews

Which Heating System Is Best for Your Home?

Which heating system you choose for your home is extremely important. A good heating system will not only ensure your home remains warm during the cold winters, but it also helps to lower your monthly energy bills. But looking at all the available heating systems, how do you determine which one to buy? Do you go for the LS1 or a different variety?

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Types of Heating Systems

Your boiler sits at the heart of the residence’s central heating system. As such, dealing with new boiler installation London will admittedly be a complex and time consuming process. Apart from finding an installer, you also have to settle on the heating system to use in the residence.
The following is a look at the different types of heating systems you can choose from:

  • Gas Central Heating

A gas-fired central heating system will be the ideal heating system for homes connected to the grid. It’s a cheaper option, that also allows you to keep your costs low by selecting a boiler that is efficient and reliable.

Selecting a boiler is all about looking at the history and reputation of the engineers and boiler owners. Considering reputation isn’t something you can build in a day, checking what past clients are saying about a given boiler brand will prevent you from making a costly mistake. Making good use of the heating controls is also a recommended option to assist you in reducing your heating bills. Lowering the amount of energy used up by the heating system will go a long way in ensuring the monthly bills don’t tally too high.

  • Electric Central Heating

A common setup for electric central heating involves the use of night-storage heaters combined with Economy 7 or 10 electricity tariffs. Storage heaters are mainly used in flats, more so those currently being completed.

Which Heating System Is Best for Your Home? A Mum Reviews

  • LPG Central Heating

Some homeowners rely on LPG central heating to keep warm during the cold nights. The liquefied petroleum gas is normally delivered to the residence by a tanker. It’s then held in a tank located somewhere in the property, e.g., the garden.

  • Biomass Heating Systems

Installing a wood or biomass heating system is another favorable option for those who don’t want to use LPG, oil, electricity, or gas to heat their homes. A biomass heating system is one that burns wood pellets or logs to supply the home with hot water and heat.

It’s common for some homeowners to purchase wood-burning stoves to assist in making their living rooms cozier and warmer. However, it’s also possible to have a technician connect your stove to the boiler to heat the rest of the residence and still supply hot water.

  • Storage Heaters and Immersion Heaters

Storage heaters and unvented hot water systems or immersion heaters both serve as parts of electrical heating systems. A storage heater gets to heat the inside aspects of the residence while the immersion heater gets to heat water.

Which Heating System Is Best for Your Home? A Mum Reviews

As you can see, there are numerous heating systems available on the market for you to choose from. Which heating system is best for your home is a question only you can answer after assessing your heating needs.

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