Summery Interiors: Eight Yellow Items on My IKEA Wish List

Summery Interiors: Eight Yellow Items on My IKEA Wish List A Mum Reviews

Summery Interiors: Eight Yellow Items on My IKEA Wish List

Our house move has been put on hold for a bit but I’m still daydreaming about how we can decorate when we do move. I’m really into the colour yellow at the moment and would love to incorporate it more in our new house. Maybe in my youngest daughter’s room as she can’t yet request a Frozen theme…

IKEA is one of my favourite shops for furniture and interior details I am Swedish after all! It’s the first place I check when there’s something I need and I’ve just been on the website looking for things to satisfy my yellow craving.Summery Interiors: Eight Yellow Items on My IKEA Wish List A Mum Reviews

Here are my favourite yellow items currently available from IKEA:

  • IKEA PS 1995 Clock £30. I was going to say that this has been around for ages but looking at the name of the product, it’s probably more accurate to say it’s been around since 1995. It’s a modern classic and I’ve always liked it. I started planning my adult IKEA home when I was about 10 years old… The clock is a little cupboard too which is very practical!
  • Bedside Table STOCKHOLM £70. Due to the lack of actual storage, I would use this as a side table for an armchair or a sofa to hold drinks or remote controls. It’s not the most practical, but I love the rounded top and the colour, of course.
  • LIXHULT Cabinet £15. I have a thing for metal cabinets and love the new colourful options in IKEA. My dream is to have them all. One day!
  • KALLAX Shelving Unit — £55. Kallax shelves are great but they’re even better when they’re glossy and sunshine yellow! I would love to have this one in a playroom or my office.
  • JANINGE Chairs £40 each. I’m thinking these as spare chairs for guests. They’re perfect as they stack really well and don’t take up much room at all.
  • BADAREN Bath Mat £3.50. This is a bargain and looks like a sun to me. I’ll pick this up next time we’re in IKEA as we need a bath math now, before moving anywhere else.
  • BOSNÄS Footstool with Storage £15. I love things like this. It’s a storage pouffe that you can also use to sit on or put your feet on. It’s perfect for toys in the living room or for storing blankets. It looks great too!
  • TROGEN Children’s Step Stool — £15. This looks lovely! I love the retro shape with rounded edges. I’ve been looking for a step stool for my three-year-old for ages. She needs one for her bed as it’s really tall.

I guess I need to go to IKEA soon!

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