7 Unique Ways to Redesign a Small Living Room

7 Unique Ways to Redesign a Small Living Room A Mum Reviews

7 Unique Ways to Redesign a Small Living Room 

Many of us dream of large, luxurious living spaces we can decorate and accessorize to our heart’s content. But just because you want to live spaciously doesn’t always mean you can. After all, most of us are stuck in smaller spaces than we really want.  That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. Instead, try to see it as an opportunity to get creative. Smaller spaces are cozier and can feel more comfortable and homey. But to capture that feeling and make your space practical, you need to adopt some creative design strategies.

There are many different ways to redesign a small living room, but here’s a list of seven of the most effective ones. Give some of ‘em a try to see how you can transform your home.

  • Mirrors

One of the best ways to organize a small living room is to put in some mirrors. If you can, cover an entire wall with a mirror. It’ll make the room seem much it actually is.

Of course, this is merely an optical illusion. But this simple design change will make the room feel less cramped and more open, which will make spending time in it much more pleasant.

If you can’t or don’t want to put a mirror across an entire wall, try covering a large portion of the wall with smaller ones. This can produce a similar effect without you having to purchase and install a massive mirror.

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  • Light Colored Paint and Wallpaper

One of the first things that interior designers learn in school is that dark colors make rooms feel smaller and more cramped. Lighter colors, on the other hand, make them seem bigger and more open. So, if you haven’t already, consider painting the room a bright, lightly-tinted hue.

If you don’t want to paint, put some light-colored wallpaper up. A combination of the two is another great option. Put up wallpaper on one wall and paint the other three.

It’s a fresh look that also makes the room seem more spacious.

  • Storage Furniture

Furniture is necessary, but it takes up space. In normal-sized living space, this isn’t a big deal. Large houses have plenty of room for furniture with extra space for storage.

If you live in a small space, you have to be savvy about where you store your stuff.

One thing you can do is buy storage furniture. There are couches, tables, and chairs that have little cubbies or compartments under them where you can store your things. They’re great for hiding extra pillows, blankets, games, DVDs, or anything else that clutters up the room.

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  • Invisible Tables

“Invisible” furniture is a lot like mirrors – it makes the room feel bigger without actually adding any space to it. Glass and clear plastic chairs are awesome for anyone with a small living room. They serve the same function as regular furniture but don’t stand out as much, making it seem like there are fewer things in the space.

If you do decide to do this, make sure to put something on top of your invisible furniture, especially if it’s glass. You don’t want someone bumping into it because they can’t see it!

  • Wall Space

To make the most of your small living room, it’s important to take advantage of your walls. The first thing you should do is get a wall mount for your TV. This way, you won’t have to buy a bulky entertainment center that takes up a lot of space.

Once you’ve done that, look for places to add some shelves. Corner shelves are ideal because they give you a spot to store stuff without sacrificing valuable floor or wall space.

Another option is to put a shelf above the door. This is a great way to store things you don’t use daily, like books.

If you want a desk in your living room, consider investing in a wall-mounted desk. These screw into the wall just like a shelf, and most of them fold up. They give you a place to work and write without taking up half the room.

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  • Striped Walls

Speaking of walls, striped patterns are another great design hack. You can either paint them on or buy printed wallpaper. Stripes make the room feel taller, which once again gives the impression it’s bigger than it is.

Plus, stripes are a great way to give the room more character. Combine this technique with shelves or other wall decorations for an even more dramatic effect.

  • Bigger Furniture

It might sound counterintuitive, but buying larger furniture can actually make your room feel bigger.

Wait, what?

It seems ridiculous, I know. But, nothing makes a room feel smaller than not having enough room for guests. If someone has to stand in the doorway while everyone else in the room is watching the Super Bowl, the place is going to feel tiny.

By adding larger, bulkier furniture, you’ll be able to fit more people in the room. If you have a family or entertain frequently, this is something to consider.

Larger furniture also makes the room feel cozier. Who doesn’t love a big, comfy couch?

If you spend some time placing things in the right spot and matching colors and designs, most people won’t even notice how much space your furniture takes up. They’ll just flop on your cozy couch and never want to leave!

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Don’t let a smaller living room get you down. Many people actually grow to prefer smaller spaces, especially once they’ve learned how to decorate and organize them.

Give some of these tactics a try and redesign a small living room that works for  you –  you’ll be shocked at how they transform your living area.

This is a Guest Article by Ryan Sundling. Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over 10 years of experience in the student housing industry and works with Dwell the Towers on a daily basis to help them with their marketing efforts. 

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