Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza

Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza A Mum Reviews

Lo-Dough Breakfast Challenge – Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza

Lo-Dough is the revolutionary food brand with the convenience, taste and texture of bread, pizza and pastry but with 90% fewer carbs. Their pizza bases are made from egg and fibre and look similar to a wrap but can be used in lots of different ways.

Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza A Mum Reviews

Lo-Dough sent us a parcel of their pizza bases, Southern Fried Style Crumb Coating, Brownie Mix and their new Miracle Cake Bars. The two sweet products are made with sweetener so would be a good alternative for people with diabetes, for example.

When I told the kids that we could make this breakfast pizza recipe using the Lo-Dough pizza base and that we could try it for a breakfast or even put it in their packed lunch for school, they were very excited as they both love pizza!

Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza A Mum Reviews

There are so many ways to use Lo-Dough (check out lots of recipes here) but we started with a pizza as that’s something the whole family enjoys — plus with Lo-Dough it’s very quick and easy.

Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza A Mum Reviews

Our Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza

We simply put a little bit of tomato puree and garlic puree on top of a base, spread it out and added toppings. This one has cheddar, mozzarella and salami. We baked it on 220 degrees for about 10 minutes. The result was very tasty — both children and my husband agreed.

A Mum Reviews

So quick and easy too — perfect for a quick meal and an easy pizza that’s not as indulgent as regular pizza (meaning you can eat them more often!). If you want to make these for a school lunch, you can cut them up into slices or roll up the pizza like a wrap.

Super Quick Lo-Dough Pizza A Mum Reviews

We don’t personally count calories or carbs in our family but I know it’s important for some people and these pizza bases and other Lo-Dough products can help you keep a good balance. The pizza bases are so versatile too and can be used in so many ways, including for quiches, bakes, wraps, lasagne and many, many more — for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and treats.

Recipe Book

Next up, we’re going to try the Southern Style Crumb Coating. We just need to settle on a recipe!

Samples were provided for this blog post. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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