Switching Baby Formula: How and Why to Switch to Another Formula?

Switching Baby Formula: How and Why to Switch to Another Formula?

Switching Baby Formula: How and Why to Switch to Another Formula?

Breast milk is the best nutrition for an infant. However, there are many reasons why breastfeeding is not possible. Then the only option is formula feeding. This task is not easy because the transition from breast milk to a formula is stressful on the body. Hence, parents are wondering how to change the baby from one formula to another without compromising the baby’s health. However, before switching, you should seek advice from your pediatrician, who will be able to advise on the choice of formula, taking into account the specific characteristics of the newborn’s body.

Baby Formula: Tips To Help You Choose Better For your Child

Why do you have to change the formula?

Age-related transition is the easiest situation to replace the formula. The baby has grown and does not have enough nutrients from the first formula to be fully satiated. Usually, in this case, parents can choose a follow-on formula of the same brand as the previous one that was suitable for the child. 

  • Colic

All skilled parents know that colic up to 3-4 months of age is quite normal for babies. A baby’s digestive system adapts to nutrition. Its processes are imperfect, and spasms and excessive flatulence may occur in the intestines. But if infant colic lasts for a long time or worries the baby all day, it is a reason to think seriously about changing the formula. 

  • Digestive disorders over a long time

It can also be problems with bowel movements (constipation or, on the contrary, watery stools), excessive regurgitation, and gas. Such symptoms are a clear signal that the formula is not suitable and that a switch from one formula to another is necessary.

  • Low birth weight and anemia 

If your baby is low in weight or blood iron levels for his or her age, it means that the formula chosen is not being digested properly. Therefore, the body lacks nutrients. The best thing to do in such a situation is to see a pediatrician. The doctor will be able to assess the critical deficiency in these indicators and what steps to take next for the most painless way out of the situation. Goat’s milk formula is often recommended for babies with insufficient weight gain. The transition from cow’s milk formula to goat milk formula will be gradual: one spoonful of the regular formula is replaced with the same amount of a new product. A great alternative to regular baby formula can be goat milk-based formula from Holle (Check out the Organic’s Best Shop). 

Baby Formula: Tips To Help You Choose Better For your Child

How to switch from one formula to another? 

The main rule of switching your baby to a new formula is not to rush. It is better if the dietary change is carried out according to a well-planned scheme, which the pediatrician recommended. If nothing is bothering the child and he or she is developing according to his or her age, there is no need to experiment. But sometimes it happens that the formula has to be changed several times, as the options chosen are not suitable for the baby for one reason or another. Then there is a reasonable question – how often can it be done? How long does it take to assess the suitability of the formula fully?

The transition to a new formula must be done gradually, for at least 2 weeks. If the new formula is suitable for the baby, all adverse reactions that previously bothered the baby should stop when the transition is complete. If this does not happen and the new formula causes allergies, digestive problems, or other disorders, you will need to revisit a doctor.  

That is why it is so important to carefully consider the choice of formula – because frequent product changes will not be suitable for the child, but on the contrary, can cause digestive disorders – because it takes time and effort to get used to the new formula.

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