The Best Natural Deodorants for Tweens & Teens

The Best Natural Deodorants for Tweens & Teens

The Best Natural Deodorants for Tweens & Teens

As parents, we need to support our children and help them make decisions while they’re young. Once puberty starts getting close, many children start sweating more and experience odour from the armpits which is all very normal, of course. One of the things that parents can help with is to find the best natural deodorant for their child to help them feel fresh and confident.

Why Natural Deodorants are a Good Choice for Kids

Natural deodorants are gentler than most conventional deodorants which is why they’re a great choice for tweens and teens. A growing child will generally have more sensitive skin than an adult would, for example. A good natural deodorant will still keep your child smelling fresh but shouldn’t cause any skin irritation, especially if you opt for a formula for sensitive skin.

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What type of natural deodorants are there?

Natural deodorants come in different forms. You can get them in as a creamy formula in jars/tubs/tins that you apply with your hands, in stick form (the cardboard options are a great eco-friendly choice), in refillable and reusable cases, in spray form, in tubes, as a roll-on, or as a solid salt block. I think I got them all there but do let me know in the comments if you know of any other form of natural deodorant.

As you can see, there are lots of types to choose from. For a young tween or teen who is just starting out with deodorant, I think that a stick form option is the best as it’s easy to apply the right amount and it’s mess-free too.

The Best Natural Deodorants for Tweens & Teens

What brands of natural deodorants are the best for tweens and teens?

Just like there are lots of types of natural deodorants, there are also lots of brands to explore. For young users, I would always recommend starting with a sensitive or unscented version to see how they get on before moving onto scents if they want to.

Below are some easy-to-use brands that I have tried personally and that I would recommend for grown ups, teens and tweens:

Features some previously gifted brands/products.

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