The Best Prom Party Ideas – Entertainment Options, Themes, and Decorations

The Best Prom Party Ideas – Entertainment Options, Themes, and Decorations

The Best Prom Party Ideas – Entertainment Options, Themes, and Decorations

High school proms have been an important event for teenagers in the US for about a century. Here in the UK, they’ve become very popular too over the last couple of decades. A school prom is an excellent opportunity for students to celebrate their time at school together, to have lots of fun, and say goodbye to one stage of their life whilst welcoming the next.

So, how can you make this important event even more special? Read on for the best prom party ideas, including some brilliant entertainment options, fun party themes, and ideas for decorations.

The Best Prom Party Ideas – Entertainment Options, Themes, and Decorations


Poptop Parties can supply you with everything you need for your prom party – entertainment, catering, tents, cars, staff, and more. Getting help with things like these is a great way to add some serious wow-factor to your event and to make your party an extraordinary experience that your guests will talk about and remember fondly for a long time.

  • The Best Tunes – DJ or band?

What kind of music to have is an important consideration for any party. For prom, you could go with a DJ or a band, for example. A band can be an exciting experience if it’s the right kind of band for the age group of the guests but hiring a good DJ for the event is usually the best option. Not only is a DJ usually cheaper than a band, but they are also more flexible with what kind of music and which songs they can play, and most are happy to play a longer shift, ensuring that your party has a great soundtrack all throughout.

  • Preserving Memories – Rent a Photo Booth

Your prom party will be a night that your guests will want to remember. Photo boots are an excellent way to provide your guests with both entertainment and keepsakes from the event. You could hire a photographer instead, but a photo booth is the perfect choice for a prom party – photo booths are retro and nostalgic, but also fit with the modern style of selfie-photography of the young generations. Your guests will have lots of fun taking photos of themselves in a photo booth and will treasure the photographs from this special event in their lives.

  • Food & Drink

Your party guests will want to have some refreshments throughout the event. What kind of food and drink is suitable for your prom party will depend on the number of guests, the party venue, and the theme of the party. A sit-down meal works well for some parties, while a buffet, or a food truck are great options for more relaxed gatherings. Match the food and drink to the theme of the party as much as possible and provide options for guests to help themselves to some of the refreshments if possible, so that they don’t need to wait if they are thirsty or hungry. You could have ice buckets with different drinks available and some fun and tasty snacks snacks like churros or a popcorn cart, for example.

The Best Prom Party Ideas – Entertainment Options, Themes, and Decorations

Fun Prom Theme Ideas

Having a theme for your prom party is a great way to make the event even more fun and special. There are lots of excellent themes that work well for prom parties. Before choosing a theme, it’s a good idea to consider what is popular among the guests that will be attending. It’s their party after all and you want them to be excited about the theme. A few examples of popular prom party themes include:

  • Masquerade
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Casino
  • Harry Potter
  • Fire & Ice
  • Hollywood Glam

The Best Prom Party Ideas – Entertainment Options, Themes, and Decorations A Mum Reviews

The Best Decorations for Prom

Once you have chosen your theme it’s time to start thinking about the decorations for your prom. You can usually rent these to make things easier and more affordable. Find lots of decorations that fit with your theme to transform the venue into a magical space for the event. Things like lights, entrance decorations, table decorations, chair covers, drapes, balloons, lanterns, games, and themed props will create a wonderful space for your prom party.

Styling the venue for the event with decorations that fit your theme is a great way to get your guests excited as soon as they arrive for the prom and see how amazing it all looks.

By considering all of the above – the entertainment options, the theme, and the decorations – for your prom party and carefully selecting everything, you are sure to create a spectacular prom party that your guests will love!


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