The Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

The Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

The Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

An ancient proverb states, “loose knicker elastic will be your downfall”.

Okay, I just made that up so it would be more accurate to say it is a soon to be ancient proverb because honestly, never a truer word has been said!

Bad underwear makes a mediocre day terrible and a bad day apocalyptic. Good underwear, on the other hand, leaves you feeling like the strong, powerful goddess of practicality and getting through the day that you are.

I struggled with bad underwear for most of my teenage years to the point that I had a going commando phase while I was in uni; it was interesting.

So how do you find good goddess inducing undies and keep the rubbish stuff at bay? Read on…

The Most Comfortable Underwear for Women


Let’s start with the most important point of consideration. No, it’s not shape and style; it’s fabric. You could find the most utterly perfect pants shape, but if it’s made out of a material that feels like greaseproof paper, it can go right in the bin.

It might not be super sexy and silky, but cotton is the number one material for pants. Remember the bad underwear of my yesteryears? The cause was unbreathable and artificial materials. Hit the lingerie section of your favourite shop, and you will no doubt see shiny and slinky items, but if the gusset of them isn’t made of cotton or some other natural fibre, give them a body swerve.

Bacteria and sweat love to linger on artificial materials and can lead to smells, stains and unsexy itching. Cotton, bamboo and even hemp can all be good options for those of us with particularly sensitive bits.

My one caveat to this non-artificial policy is polyester. Polyester has its benefits, especially when it comes to underwear for the incredibly active. Moisture wicking material that keeps sweat away and helps it evaporate can be a godsend. However, I’d still be inclined to try for sports pants with that all-important natural gusset.  

Disclaimer: There will be times when you want to wear the sultriest underwear out there, and chances are they won’t be made with breathable fabric. Wearing something that turns your goddess into a sublime siren every so often isn’t going to hurt; I’m talking about everyday wear here.

The Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

Shapes & Styles

So now we’ve got fabric laid to rest; let’s move on to shapes and styles.

  • Thongs

In any discussion of underwear, thongs are usually the big divider. Some of us don’t want to touch them with a barge pole, while others swear by them as the best thing since sliced bread. The reality is that there are comfy thongs out there (the best thongs are ones made with double-layer cotton and are tagless).

  • Support

Bad support undies can make you feel like an exploding sausage, and good ones will make you a sleek vixen on a mission. The most common complaint with support underwear is that the material that is touted as being able to keep your bulges in just seems to displace them to where the aforementioned fabric ends (hello muffin top) or that they roll up like a scared hedgehog as the night wears on.

One way around this is to take full coverage to the next level. Instead of a pair of pants, opt for more of a bodysuit or all in one garment type getup with straps that go over your shoulders. Depending on your bra needs, you may be able to find one that can act as upper support. If, like me, you need separate engineering for up top, go with a style that leaves space for just that. The shoulder straps will prevent any unfortunate roll down and keep more consistent pressure on the bits you want to minimise.

  • Full coverage, a.k.a Granny panties

Brand new mamas will be very familiar with full coverage underwear, and a thong will definitely not cut it for those postpartum weeks. Undies that give you full coverage are ideal for wearing pads, and the high waist is good for helping your uterus shrink back down to size and staying out of the way of scars for c-section mama bears.

Avoiding panty lines is often people’s reasoning for struggling with a thong, but a good full coverage pair of briefs with a seamless design can do exactly the same job.

Anything guys can do, we girls can do better, which means rocking boxers. The longer legs of the boxer style are ideal for beating the chub rub that can come along with wearing skirts and dresses in the summer. Boxers could be the answer if uncomfortable pinching at the waist is one of your bugbears with most pants. The thick waistband of this style will hug you in the best way possible. If you have an ever-expanding bun in the oven, it can also be a surprisingly comfortable style to wear under your bump.

  • High waisted

Think high waisted and boudoir shots of pin-up girls spring to mind; this is a retro look that is anything but frumpy.

Off the bat, high waist briefs may seem pretty similar to full coverage pants, but you will find all manner of cuts that can include a high waist. I particularly love a high waisted and high cut look; it makes me feel like an aerobics instructor superhero when I’m wearing them.

The Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

To wrap up, check your material and choose the style that works best for you. Your underwear drawer shouldn’t be a place of dread. Make it your friend by filling it with beauties that are right for you.

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