The Ultimate Guide to What to Wear to a Summer Wedding in Sweden – Dress Code Sommarfin

The Ultimate Guide for What to Wear for a Summer Wedding in Sweden - Dress Code Sommarfin

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding in Sweden

Knowing what to wear as a wedding guest to a local wedding is probably quite straightforward to most. Your wedding invite will have details about the dress code and you will have heard the terms before and know what they mean. When you receive a wedding invite for a wedding abroad, it’s a completely different story though. Other countries have different dress codes, cultures, and traditions so knowing what to wear to a wedding abroad is difficult. For that reason, it’s best to do your research before you pick your wedding guest outfit. In this guide, we are specifically looking at what to wear to a summer wedding in Sweden. And even more specifically, the Swedish wedding dress code Sommarfin. Let’s start!

The Ultimate Guide for What to Wear for a Summer Wedding in Sweden - Dress Code Sommarfin

Swedish Wedding Dress Codes Explained – From Formal to Relaxed

Just like here in the UK, there are a few dress codes to choose from for weddings in Sweden too, with varying levels of fanciness. On the invite, you’ll see the word Klädkod which means dress code. Next to that, you will see the name for the dress code which will most likely be one of the following (in order from most formal to least formal):


Sometimes referred to as Högtidsdräkt. This is the most formal dress code for Swedish weddings. Men are expected to wear a tailcoat suit with a white waistcoat and a white bow tie. For this dress code, it’s important to pay attention to the expected details. Women are expected to wear an elegant, long dress made from luxurious materials, accessorized with jewellery, a handbag, and neatly styled hair.


Also known as Black Tie. This is the second most formal dress code for a wedding in Sweden. For this dress code, men are expected to wear a Black Tie wedding suit in a dark colour (black or midnight blue). This needs to be teamed with a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie. For the ladies, long dresses are the right choice. You can choose a slightly shorter dress, but it needs to be at least down to the knees for this dress code. Opt for something fancy, but not as fancy as for the Frack dress code above.

Mörk kostym

For this dress code, the expectation is that you dress up but there’s more flexibility. The name Mörk kostym simply translates to dark suit. For a man, this means a dark blue or dark grey suit teamed with a white shirt and a tie or a bow tie. For the ladies, the classic etiquette for this dress code is to wear a dress or a skirt. Something that’s at least down to the knees but not not all the way down to the floor. Traditionally, the shoulders should be covered too.


This is a more informal dress code, but a full suit is still the expectation for the men. However, there is flexibility when it comes to colour choices for both the suit and the shirt and also for the accessories. Wear a tie or a bow tie – your choice. Ladies can wear a dress, skirt, or a suit. For skirts and dresses, opt for something with a calf or knee length. The aim is still to dress up, but it’s definitely a more relaxed dress code.


        What does the dress code “Sommarfin” mean? The word Sommarfin simply means summer nice. In other words, wear something that looks nice and that is appropriate for the summer season. Because this is a relaxed and informal dress code, men don’t need to wear a suit or a tie for example. You can of course wear a suit if you want to. If you do, then a more informal linen suit would work very well. You could also team a pair of dressy trousers with a shirt for an outfit that looks dressed up but is also suitable for summer weather. For ladies, a summery dress or a smart skirt with an elegant blouse is perfect for the Sommarfin dress code.

        Summer weddings are often outdoors so consider shoes that will work both indoors and outdoors (or take a spare pair). If the wedding celebrations are due to continue in the evening, remember to take something to keep warm too, like a chic jacket or sophisticated cardigan.

        The Ultimate Guide for What to Wear for a Summer Wedding in Sweden - Dress Code Sommarfin

          What to Wear to a Swedish Summer Wedding – Informal Dress Codes

          These days, it’s common for wedding couples to choose untraditional dress codes. These include options such as Sommarfin or cocktail attire, for example. Though it is nice that there are more modern dress codes available, it can be harder for the guests to know what the outfit expectation is. Interpreting informal dress codes is simply not as straightforward.

          If you are in doubt or just want clear guidelines, the best thing you can do is to ask the wedding couple what they have in mind. They’ll be more than happy to offer advice and you’ll feel confident that you’re choosing a wedding guest outfit that’s in line with the specified dress code.

          Generally, Swedish weddings are quite relaxed and so are Swedish people. Though people generally follow dress codes, they are not super strict. Swedish people are also quite fashion-forward and like to experiment with looks. You are likely to see quite a mix of clothes and styles at most weddings in Sweden.

          Hopefully this guide has given you some insight to what to wear to a summer wedding in Sweden.

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