The Right Bedding Can Make or Break Your Bedroom’s Mood & Style

The Right Bedding Can Make or Break Your Bedroom’s Mood & Style

The Right Bedding Can Make or Break Your Bedroom’s Mood and Style

Who doesn’t love the feeling of laying down on freshly washed luxurious linens after taking a shower at the end of a long day? Bed linens can play a huge role in your ability to relax and in your sleep quality. Sleeping on comfortable, gorgeous bedding can be more rejuvenating and calming, making you feel safe, cozy and comfortable while getting your much-needed dose of z’s.

Of course, bedding is also vital to the decoration of your bedroom. Covering a king-size bed with some gorgeous designs can do wonders for your room’s interior. It can even serve as part of the décor, or even as the main decoration – the one bringing contrast or interest, or the one that brings all the colours and patterns together, creating a peaceful harmony.

We spend a big part of our lives in our bedrooms, and quality sleep is vital to our physical and mental health, so investing in quality bedding makes sense. While finding bedding may seem like a straightforward task, when it’s time to buy quality king size bedding size, it’s important to take several things into considerations. High-end bed linens should be timeless and durable such as non toxic bed sheets.

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What Is a Good Quality Bedding? 

King size bedding sets aren’t made all the same. They come in a vast range of designs, colours, types, materials and quality. The difference between cheap linen, and a high-end one made from good-quality fabric, while obvious, can’t always be easily spotted. But once you start using it, the difference becomes noticeable quite fast.

Thread Count

The first thing to look at, when you are choosing king size bed linen is the thread count. Thread count means exactly as it sounds. It’s a number indicating how many horizontal and vertical threads are woven together in 10 squared centimetres. Essentially, a high thread count means a closer weave, and fabrics with better quality have a bigger thread count and vice versa. The higher thread count is generally considered to make for softer, lighter, and more durable fabric. For bedsheets, a thread count of around 200 or above is considered to be the best.

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Nonetheless, thread count isn’t the only thing you should be looking at, as it’s not the only thing that determines the quality of the fabric. If the fibres used to make the bed sheets aren’t good quality, the number of threads may not make a difference. In some cases, lower thread count fabrics can feel softer and nicer than some lower quality fibres woven with higher thread count.

When you are buying your bedding, keep in mind that your skin will come into contact with this material for hours and hours at a time. So, of course, the quality of the material should play a crucial role in your choosing process. As a matter of fact, research has shown that material can play a big role in the quality of sleep.

As you probably know, the most popular choice for bedding is cotton, but cotton is still a quite broad term. The best quality bed sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, brushed cotton, cotton jersey, etc. There are also high-quality blends that can be more affordable, but still highly resilient and durable. Besides cotton, bedding can be made from linen, silk, bamboo, polyester, etc.

The Right Bedding Can Make or Break Your Bedroom’s Mood & Style


Another key factor that will determine the feel of your new bedding is the weave. It also has an impact on how your bed sheet looks. There are many types of weaves, including percale, sateen, flannel, etc. Percale is cool and crisp because it is tightly woven and lightweight. Sateen, on the other hand, is very soft.


So, now that you know the characteristics of the best quality beddings, the next thing is to see what’s the best quality you can afford. And after that, you are left with just a few more things to decide. When it comes to design, colours etc., the only thing that’s important is your own preference.

Choose not only what you like looking at, but also bedding that will look fit in nicely in your overall bedroom style. Think of it as a decorative element that will take cover quite a big part of the room, which means that it will catch your eyes one way or the other – so make it count.



Next, think about how many king size bedding size sets you need. As you know, bed sheets need to be changed regularly, so first, take into account how often you change them, and how often do you want to wash and dry them. Second, don’t forget that some materials are better for summer than others. You don’t want your sheets to make you even more sweaty in summer. On the other hand, bed sheets that are a better choice for summer can also be a great option for the colder months as well.

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