Top-level Celebration: Private Chefs At Your Home

Top-level Celebration: Private Chefs At Your Home

Top-level Celebration: Private Chefs At Your Home

Do you still think that when you invite guests for dinner or a party, you need to do all the job? What is your idea of a home celebration? Is it shopping, all-day-long cooking, setting up the table, and, when you are already wiped out, entertaining guests, and, the icing on the cake — washing the dishes? The good news here is that these days are gone.

Thanks to the Internet, new services appear every day and become available for everyone, not only celebrities and rich people. Nowadays, you can hire a private chef and enjoy the delicious cooking and serving process. You can find a lot of high-level private chefs at Poptop.

In this article, we will tell you all about the prices and advantages of hiring a chef for a home dinner.

Top-level Celebration: Private Chefs At Your Home

What is a private chef?

A personal chef is a cook who works for an individual, such as a family or a single person. They compose a home menu taking into account the wishes and health of the client. The personal chef prepares daily or festive meals and also purchases the necessary products. It is a professional who has a special education. Some have experience as restaurants chefs, others always have worked as private family chefs. You can hire them on daily basis (but it costs a lot) or just for a special occasion. Usually, families prefer to hire cooks for preparing daily meals — it is much cheaper.

For most people, a cook and a chef are the same things. We use both words to describe a person who works in a kitchen, whether he/she cuts vegetables or manages everything. Of course, any person who prepares food is essentially a cook. However, a chef is a cook who has completed a professional course and/or training. They usually do not just cook a meal — they create pieces of art in the kitchen.

When you book a restaurant, you also book a chef service. But it is possible to hire chefs on the Internet to get them in your own kitchen.

Top-level Celebration: Private Chefs At Your Home

Prices for hiring a personal chef

200 pounds is an average price for such a service. But, of course, it depends on the occasion and number of guests — it will cost more to hire a personal chef for a wedding than for a small gathering of friends. Let’s see the main factors that change the price.

  • Style | If you are throwing a special party, you require fancy dishes. It will cost more than a barbecue or a cozy family dinner with minimum personal chef cost.
  • Occasion | As we already mentioned, you will spend more on a big wedding than a baby shower, and St. Valentine’s dinner for two is cheaper than an аnniversary celebration for a few families.
  • Number of dishes | It is the main thing that increases or decreases the price. A good idea here is to order the tasting menu.
  • Mediterranean or Moroccan? | Every chef can cook a few types of cuisine. But if you want to taste something special or remind yourself of a taste of a special dish from your recent trip an exotic holiday destination, you need to pay extra.
  • Special diets | A special diet means that some types of food is partially or fully restricted. A special diet is often needed to control disease or abnormalities or for ethical reasons. Those who adhere to a certain diet want the chef to make a tasty and original dish out of the products that they can eat. Or some dietary laws like halal or kosher can require special cooking techniques. Nowadays, you can find a chef able to meet all requirements, but the price will be higher.
Top-level Celebration: Private Chefs At Your Home

Why is it better to get a professional in your kitchen?

Hiring a home chef, you no longer have to worry about food. A competent specialist will take care of cooking, table setting, and the order in which dishes are served.

You can communicate with the chef during the evening and even help him/her in the kitchen. Or, on the contrary, you can order a chef who will prepare dinner for you and leave.

With a private chef you receive:

  • high quality at a reasonable price,
  • the opportunity to get professional dishes in any place convenient for you,
  • the freshness of dishes (as opposed to delivery from a restaurant),
  • the ability to change the composition of traditional dishes,
  • the opportunity to order professional cooking according to your recipes or from your products.

To conclude

Now you know the prices for hiring the personal chef and what this service includes. So, don’t hesitate and hire for the celebrations to come in 2022 a professional private chef and enjoy dishes of haute cuisine at home.

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