What Kind of Christmas Shopper are You?

What Kind of Christmas Shopper are You?

What Kind of Christmas Shopper are You?

Christmas is just around the corner, and hopefully you’ve nearly finished your Christmas shopping by now – but have you? There are lots of different types of Christmas shoppers out there and, in this article, we are going to explore some of them.

  • You Can Call Me Santa Clause

Are you very organised when it comes to your Christmas shopping, making your lists and checking them twice? You’re pretty much Santa – you know who wants what, where to get everything and you make it all happen magically. Your lists are neat and organised, your gifts wrapped beautifully, labelled to avoid any mix ups, and securely hidden until the big day.

Because you are so organised, sending gifts to friends and family members who live far away is not a problem for you. You buy cardboard boxes and carefully pack gifts for your loved ones and post them long before the last post day before Christmas, to ensure the gifts arrive securely and on time, ready to spread Christmas cheer to your loved ones.

What Kind of Christmas Shopper are You?
  • Queen of Online Shopping

Or are you the queen of online shopping? Lots of people do their Christmas gift shopping online. Davpack, one of the UK’s favourite packaging suppliers, have surveyed over 600 people to discover the country’s top online Christmas shoppers. The results show the average number of online orders that people typically make during the festive season. Some regions are much higher than others.

What Kind of Christmas Shopper are You?

As the queen of online shopping, you like to shop from the comfort of your home and not many days go buy without a few shipping boxes arriving at your door. Shopping online can be very convenient and can save a lot of time too. 

  • The Festive Enthusiast

You absolutely love everything about Christmas and shopping for presents is not an exception. For you, it’s not a stressful job that has to be done, but something enjoyable. You love heading out to the highstreet to the big shops or to Christmas markets to support small and local businesses, perusing treats and gifts for friends and family.

Spending time in your city when everything is decorated for the season with Christmas trees and twinkling lights is all part of the experience that you love. You make Christmas gift shopping a merry experience and you’ll often make time for a festive hot chocolate or a mulled wine to enjoy while you’re out shopping for gifts.

What Kind of Christmas Shopper are You?
  • Last Minute Shopper

Are you someone who avoids doing the Christmas shopping for as long as possible? I know some people who do all their shopping on Christmas Eve and say that the shops are lovely and empty at this point, which is most likely true! These days, online shopping is also very possible at the last minute if you can shop from a shop that offers reliable next day delivery so that you can be sure that your last-minute gifts arrive on time.

  • The Bargain Hunting Prepper

Last on this list, we have the bargain hunting prepper. You finished your Christmas shopping a long time ago. Straight after the festive season last year, you started stocking up on things you might need for this year. Wrapping paper, Christmas cards, non-perishable gift sets, and more. You cleverly stocked up at the right time when a lot of things were reduced to half price after the holidays. Then, throughout the year, you’ve been on the lookout for gifts to hide away for your loved ones until Christmas. You’ve made the most of the special offers that you have come across which have saved you lots of money. All that’s left for you to do is the wrapping!

There we have it! So, which kind of Christmas shopper are you?


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