Win a Stompa Uno Cabin Bed – My Entry

Win a Stompa Uno Cabin Bed - My Entry A Mum Reviews

Over here you can win a Stompa Uno Cabin Bed by describing your child’s dream bed. My child’s dream bed would be something like this…

My daughter LOVES music and dancing and her dream bed would have to have a built in iPad (with parental control, of course!) and speakers so she could play her favourite tunes and dance in bed. Dancing makes you hungry, so a built in snack dispenser with my daughter’s favourite snacks would be great. At the moment she loves cream crackers and freeze dried strawberries. Her dream bed would have plenty of storage to fit her toys and books and some of my old magazines/catalogues because, after dancing, my daughter’s favourite activity is to “read” magazines. Sometimes that means turning the pages nicely and sometimes that means shredding them into tiny pieces and then trying to eat them…

My girl will be 1 soon and is still in her cot bed but The Stoma Uno Cabin Bed looks like the perfect first proper bed that would last her entire childhood. I love the combination of storage: open shelves and drawers. It’s clever and cute! I would style it with plenty of bright cushions like in the picture above.

My favourite of the dream beds on the comptetiton page is the family one.

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