World Gin Day – Fishers Gin Review

World Gin Day - Fishers Gin Review A Mum Reviews

World Gin Day – Fishers Gin Review

Today is World Gin Day! What a great day! The best way to celebrate is of course to drink some gin tonight and why not choose one that’s a bit special?

I’ve always liked gin it’s my favourite white sprit and probably one of the first sprits I ever tried. My dad really liked a G&T and I’m sure that influenced my taste. One of my sisters really likes gin and tonic too.

Gin is made all over the world but I always think of British gin when I think about gin. Probably because they’re the most known ones. Fishers gin is a very British premium gin inspired by the ocean and crafted on the Suffolk coast here in England.

It’s made using distilled barley sourced entirely from East Anglian farmers with the classic warming juniper berries along with cardamom, orange and lemon peel which provide lots of flavour.World Gin Day - Fishers Gin Review A Mum Reviews

The ingredients that give Fishers gin its extraordinary and very British flavour is the unique range coastal botanicals used to make it. These include Spignel, Rock Samphire, Wood Aven and Bog Myrtle.

The result is a gin that is aromatic and full of citrus and herb flavours absolutely delicious. The taste somehow actually takes you on a taste journey to the English coast if you let it.

The gin is full-bodied and very smooth. My ultimate test question when it comes to spirit quality is “Can I drink it neat?”. Most spirits that I’ve tried are too sharp/rough and not enjoyable neat you know, when you can’t not pull that face… but this is one of the special ones. You can tell it’s a high-quality spirit and it tastes beautifully smooth neat or over ice.World Gin Day - Fishers Gin Review A Mum Reviews

Of course, it also makes a gorgeous gin and tonic. For me, it’s the gin that makes the G&T, not the tonic. Tonic waters can taste very differently on their own but I can’t really tell a difference when they’re used as mixers. The gin is the flavour that needs to come through in a G&T and Fishers gin really does. You can taste the botanical flavours through the tonic and the gin and the tonic complement each other very well, making a very tasty and refreshing drink. Perfect for summer!World Gin Day - Fishers Gin Review A Mum Reviews

As you can see, the bottle is absolutely beautiful too! It’s got a rounded shape and the 50cl bottle is chunky and has a geometrical pattern in blue, orange, gold and white that looks almost floral from far away. It would make a wonderful gift for a fellow gin lover.

Gin is probably the category of spirits that I’ve tried the most brands from and I have to say that Fishers gin is my second favourite gin ever. The only one that beats it is Hendrick’s gin which I love a little bit more because I’m very fond of the cucumber taste.

You can explore and buy lots of different gins here. Happy World Gin Day! Cheers!

I was sent a sample bottle of this gin for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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