The Worst Newborn Nappies – Reviews


This is a follow up to my post on The Best Newborn Nappies. Unfortunately I have been very disappointed with some of the newborn nappies that we have tried. Here are the worst newborn nappies in my opinion:

Pampers New Baby Size 1

These are supposed to be superior to other brands but I did not like these at all. They were nowhere near as soft as Aldi’s Mamia nappies and worst of all they have some kind of net layer which kept getting stuck on my newborn baby’s bum and even ripped a bit of her skin off. Not OK! I’ve tried other types of Pampers nappies in bigger sizes and they do not do this.

Another downside to these nappies is the price  they are very expensive. You use so many nappies during the first few months and these are just not affordable. (I only bought these when they were on offer and I had a £2 off coupon which made them an OK price.)

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Newborn Size 1 & Sainsbury’s Little Ones Newborn Size 2

The worst of the worst! I stocked up on these nappies when I was pregnant because they are a decent price and Sainsbury’s were offering 3 for 2 during their baby event. Plus they give you a £5 voucher for Little Ones products when you join their Baby & Toddler club. Not only was that voucher very difficult to get hold off and I had to contact Sainsbury’s many times before it got resolved, but the nappies are absolutely worthless! I think I bought 6 packs and I really regretted it as soon as I tried them. But I didn’t have the receipts and our nearest Sainsbury’s is a long drive away so it didn’t seem worth going and trying to return them.

These nappies are not soft enough either, but the main problem is that they would ALWAYS leak! Newborn poo is very sloppy and can cause leaks with the best nappies, too, if there’s a lot of it, but these would leak every single time (yes, they were the right size). I could not use these if we were going out and I had to plan what my baby wore (dark colours!) to avoid stains from the leak I knew was coming. Very disappointing!

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