Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3 – Review + Discount Code

Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3 - Review + Discount Code

Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3 – Bare & Boho Review + Discount Code

As soon as I tried Bare & Boho nappies, I loved them for their amazing quality and brilliant absorbency. You can read my review of Bare & Boho V2 nappies here. Now there’s a new version of these lovely nappies and V3 has some updates that make the nappies even better!

Bare and Boho Discount Code

Bare & Boho Discount Code

If you’re here for the Bare & Boho Discount Code, it’s “AMUMREVIEWS” which will give you 10% off when shopping with The Nappy Gurus who stocks Bare & Boho nappies, CSP and accessories. The code can be used over and over and is always valid. The exclusions are Frugi Clothing, the brand Thirsties, already discounted bundles and sale items.

Bare & Boho

Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3

I thought V2s were great but I love V3s even more. Let’s look at the differences between Bare & Boho V2 and V3…

First, let’s look at the covers. On the outside they look quite similar but the differences are more obvious when you compare the insides side by side.

Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3 - Review + Discount Code

The shape is slightly different and mainly noticeable on the elongated tabs to ensure a better bit over the thighs on V3. As you can see, the inside of V2 was all the same colour and type of PUL while the V3s have panels of the same PUL as the outside on the inside too, at the hips and the waist, for comfort I believe.

A big update is that the elastics are gentler on the new version. V2 has really strong elastics that are prone to leaving sockmarks so this is a welcome update, though the new elastics are still strong and might not suit really chunky baby thighs.

Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3 - Review + Discount Code

Next up, the inserts. With my V2s, I have the bamboo inserts and with my V3s, I have hemp so that’s why they’re a different colour. My V2s came with bamboo boosters too so I use them along with the insert but the new V3s only come with the inserts. You can choose from stay dry topped bamboo or hemp. I’d heard hemp dried faster so I wanted to try hemp this time around and it works really well for us. I add a fleece liner too.

As you can see, the new inserts are much longer. Both these have been washed and used and the inserts have been tumble dried occasionally too. The V2 inserts are prone to bunching which can cause problems with the fit. The new inserts do not bunch and make the fitting of the nappy much easier. Like with most AI2 nappies, it also helps to just popper in the insert at the back.

Both inserts are shaped and have gussets which helps with containment. I find that the new hemp inserts dry much faster than the old bamboo ones so that’s a nice bonus.

Bare & Boho Review + Discount Code

The V3s of Bare & Boho are so slim! The V2s look a bit bulky in comparison and this is without the booster that comes with V2s. They’re so absorbent and reliable and one of my favourite nappies. The PUL is fantastic quality too.

Bare & Boho Difference V2 and V3 - Review + Discount Code

Another update is that the V3 Bare & Boho nappies are cheaper but they’re now sold in packs of three instead of individually. They’re available in a bunch of beautiful prints and in newborn nappies too. Also available are wet bags and CSP. Bare & Boho CSP is super slim, very absorbent and so comfortable too.

Shop all Bare & Boho from The Nappy Gurus here. Remember to use my affiliate discount code AMUMREVIEWS for 10% off too.

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