You’ve Done Veganuary – What Now?

You’ve Done Veganuary – What Now? A Mum Reviews

You’ve Done Veganuary – What Now?

We’re getting close to the end of January and Veganuary if you’ve been taking part in the 31-day challenge. Well done for making changes to you diet and keeping them up for a full month – it can be quite hard. Once you’ve finished Veganuary, you might be wondering what life afterwards looks like. In this article, we’ll look at life after Veganuary.

Hopefully you have enjoyed changing your diet and lifestyle and have found lots of tasty meals and products that are vegan-friendly and want to continue with the changes that you have made.

  • Remember your reasons for going vegan & reflect over Veganuary.

People who choose a vegan diet usually have a reason for choosing this lifestyle. Whether they are ethical reasons, health reasons or both – remember what your personal reasons for going vegan are to keep you motivated. Also reflect on how you felt whilst during Veganuary – perhaps you experienced higher energy levels and felt healthier. Noticing these things will help you stay on track, feeling inspired to keep this new lifestyle.

You’ve Done Veganuary – What Now? A Mum Reviews
  • Stock up on your favourite vegan products.

These days, it’s not very hard to find vegan alternatives for your favourite products and meals. There are lots of dairy and meat replacement products available from all the big supermarkets so that you can enjoy a vegan cheeseboard or a vegan burger and lots of delicious vegan sweets, snacks and treats to buy in-store or online.

Joe & Seph’s have a vegan range of gourmet popcorn, for example, with 6 delicious flavours to choose from for sweet or savoury snacks. They also have a Vegan Chocolate Caramel Sauce which sounds amazingly indulgent! You don’t need to miss out because you have chosen a vegan diet – you just need to find the right products to enjoy. I can confirm that Joe & Seph’s vegan gourmet popcorn are delicious!

Stock up on your favourite finds from Veganuary so that you have plenty of yummy snacks and ingredients to make your favourite vegan meals and satisfy any cravings.

You’ve Done Veganuary – What Now? A Mum Reviews
  • Find like-minded people.

Having some other vegans to chat to about your new lifestyle is great for support, for information and tips and to help you with anything that you find challenging. You can join Facebook groups online and follow Instagram accounts with vegan themes or meet people in real life at local vegan cafés.

  • Expand your repertoire.

Continue to learn about the vegan lifestyle, explore new recipes from vegan cookbooks or online (here’s a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake!) and eat out at vegan restaurants. Some changes will be more gradual. Read up about other non-food-related areas of life where you can find vegan options and gradually make changes there. Use up your skincare and beauty products and when it’s time to buy new, look for vegan and cruelty-free products. When it’s time to buy new shoes, look for vegan trainers or boots made with vegan “leather”.


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