3 Tips to Boost Libido in Women

3 Tips to Boost Libido in Women

Low libido can affect women at various points in their life. According to Women’s Health of Central Massachusetts (WHCMA), sexual dysfunction is a common problem for women, affecting up to 43% of them. Factors such as stress, hormonal changes, medication, fatigue, and health problems can all impact the way women feel when it comes to their bodies and the bedroom.

Fortunately, there are a number of things women can do to boost their sex drive. In this article, we will look at some of the steps you can take to reignite the sexual desire in your life.

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Take Supplements

There is an abundance of plants and herbs available in nature that you can add to your diet to help increase your sexual desire and pleasure, including:

  • Ginseng: This plant has long been used for its potency and medicinal benefits in a number of areas ranging from improved cognitive function to increased energy levels. Studies have also shown that this natural aid may have an aphrodisiac effect which can help to improve sexual arousal and function in women.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: This fruit-producing Mediterranean plant is thought to significantly improve sensitivity and sexual performance in women. This is largely due to a compound known as saponin which is the main constituent responsible for its effects on female libido and sexual functioning.

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Relaxation Techniques

Stress is one of the main contributors to lower libido in women and the cocktail of hormones that are released into the body during high stress situations can have a detrimental effect on your sex drive. Chief amongst these is the hormone cortisol which can severely impact or suppress sex hormones, killing your libido.

Relaxation techniques can help you to lower your stress levels and induce a calming effect on your body and mind. Consider incorporating one or more of the the following stress-reducing activities into your day to help boost your libido:

These techniques can help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and decrease your heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of stress hormones, leading to an overall reduction in stress levels.

3 Tips to Boost Libido in Women

Make Time for Intimacy

The demands of modern life can make it difficult to make time for your partner and connect on an intimate level. However, prioritising physical and emotional intimacy is important for maintaining a strong relationship and improving female libido. This might include being more affectionate through cuddling, holding hands, kissing, or spending time together free from distractions.

Fostering intimacy with your partner also makes it easier to engage in open and honest conversations with each other where you can address any sexual issues or concerns and talk about your likes and dislikes in this department. Follow the tips in this article to help you put the spark back into your sex life.

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