5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mum

5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mum A Mum Reviews

5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mum

Have you ever asked your mum about her past and present health? Although half of your genetic composition comes from your dad, genes from your mother and her health experiences might impact on your likelihood of developing similar health issues. Getting the right information regarding your health from your mother will allow you to decide on the various health conditions for which you should consider getting screening for and the right health measures to undertake for boosting your health. While you might feel uneasy chatting about such topics with your mum, remember that it’s critical for your well-being and she will not mind at all. The more information you get, the better your chances of learning about the medical issues that could affect you.5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mum A Mum Reviews

Here are five health questions you should ask your mum.

  • Have You Or A Close Relative Been Diagnosed With Breast, Uterine, Or Ovarian Cancer?

All types of cancer are attributable to a genetic abnormality, and 5% of cancer types including ovarian are linked to family history. You should, therefore, not shy from asking your mother all kinds of questions revolving around this topic. If, for instance, she has had cancer, you will want to know how old she was when she was screened and diagnosed. Also, discover what part of her body had the cancerous cells and the stage at which the disease was discovered. It’s also imperative to inquire whether other relatives were affected by cancer when they were in their 50’s or earlier.

Asking these questions is not in vain. For example, there is a difference between a mother who had cancer at 40 years of age and another one who was diagnosed when they were 80. In most cases, the latter is due to advanced age and less likely to be genetic whereas at 40 years it could be linked to family history.

  • Have You Or Any Close Family Member Suffered From Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Or Stroke?

Some heart complications are genetically inherited from parents. For example, arrhythmia, a condition that affects the regulation of the heart muscles, in most instances is passed from parents. Discover whether your mother has ever been diagnosed with heart problems, at what age, and what could have been the cause.

Also, get to know if any of your relatives have ever had heart problems. If the answer is affirmative, go for screening and get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked as you might be at risk of getting a heart complication. Getting answers will help you to avoid risk factors like poor diet and smoking, which can place you at a higher risk.

You will also be in a better position to improve your diet including eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet that includes fruit and vegetable juice, fiber-rich whole grains, nuts, fish, and legumes will go a long way in combating heart complications and ultimately overall health. Therefore, it is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their health to read up on some best juicer reviews so that they can use the one that is most convenient for them to make juice of both fruits and vegetables.5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mum A Mum Reviews

  • Have You Or Anyone In The Family Experienced Mental Illness?

While the cause of mental illness is still unknown, the condition appears to be genetic. Ask your mum about any person in the family who has ever had mental illness including your grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles among other relatives. In most cases, mental illness shows up at the age of 20 or below.

If you’re susceptible to this illness, there are some habits that you must drop to enhance your survival. For instance, you will want to avoid drugs especially marijuana, tobacco, and psychedelics if there is a history of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia in your family. Also, if your mum or a family member has ever experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and you are going through a traumatizing experience, getting therapy from a professional is highly recommended.

  • Did You Have Difficulties Getting Pregnant or Experienced Any Complications?

At some point in life, you may want to start a family and information regarding your mum’s pregnancy might come in handy to prepare you for any medical issues that might arise. Ask your mother whether she has ever been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance condition whose symptoms are immature ovarian follicles, increased body hair growth, menstruation complications, and probably weight gain.

Also, ask about endometriosis, a condition in which the layer of tissues normally located at the uterine walls appears in other parts of the body such as the abdomen or lungs. PCOS and endometriosis can be genetically inherited and disrupt fertility. Knowing about fertility issues in your family will motivate you to adopt habits that trigger a regular menstruation cycle. Such include observing a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and having an active lifestyle. Also, you will be inspired to seek medical advice as early as possible.

Moreover, ask your mum health questions regarding any complications that might have appeared while she was pregnant such as gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, post-partum depression or even miscarriages. Knowing about these impediments will afford you ample time to have a discussion with your gynaecologist and consequently take precautionary measures.5 Health Questions You Need To Ask Your Mum A Mum Reviews

  • Did I Get All the Childhood Vaccines?

Your mother probably has all the details of your medical records, if not; seek such answers from your childhood doctor. Ask your mum whether you got vaccines such as chickenpox and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Also, learn about the date you last received a tetanus shot. All this information will allow you to go for adult vaccines in the event that you missed any of them so do ask your mum health questions.

Talking to your mother about the above concerns will give you the upper hand to combat controllable illnesses. Also ask about health concerns regarding hearing problems, eye complications, and menopause issues among others. Share the acquired information with your doctor to ensure that you get the appropriate medical attention as early as possible. Staying in the dark about potential health issues could allow things to deteriorate beyond your control.

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