5 Types of Luxury Alcohol to Gift

5 Types of Luxury Alcohol to Gift

Sometimes the only gift that is able to be brought to a party, event, or high society function is a simple bottle of alcohol. But you don’t want to show up to a large event with a six pack of beers as a gift, or come bearing a pretty cheap and not that good bottle of alcohol. If you are willing to break out the big bucks to see some luxury alcohol gift sets, then here are some of the best types that you might not be willing to part with.

  1. Blanton’s Bourbon Liquor Bottle

The alcohol that is Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon was an alcohol that was created in 1984, and it’s an ultra premium whisky that has made an impression on the alcohol lovers of the world ever since. The bottle is unique looking and certainly catches the eye, and the best part is the small bit of fun that is added into every single bottle. 

There are racehorse toppers on every single bottle, and they each feature one letter that is used to spell out the word ‘Blanton.’ Seven letters, seven horses, and seven racehorse toppers to collect! If you are a serious alcohol lover, then you might give the bottle and the drink away, but keep the topper if it is the last letter you need!

  1. Ford’s Officers’ Reserve Navy Strength Gin

If you want to give away one of the easiest drinks to make for a friend who has dreams of opening up a home bar, then you need to take a look at Ford’s Officers’ Reserve Navy Strength Gin. This gin is rested in amontillado sherry casks before the 54.5 percent alcohol is bottled and made available for purchase.

It has a flavor profile similar to the London Dry, and it also has a higher proof. The best part is that it is perfect for a martini and is the perfect drink to make a luxury gin martini.

  1. Haku Vodka

Of course, no drink cart would ever be complete without a good vodka, and vodkas have their place as a perfect gift item. Haku Vodka is the perfect example because it is soft and rounded, and the notes that you taste are floral in comparison. This vodka is made from 100% Japanese white rice and is filtered through bamboo charcoal, so you will get a unique taste whether you have this drink on its own or if you decide to make a vodka martini. 

It’s a fun drink to gift because of how much versatility it has, and it’s something that will certainly leave a good taste in your mouth. And in the mouths of your guests as well!

  1. The Cellar Collection Of Scotch

Nothing says luxury quite like things that are old, and these 30 year old scotch options are some of the most luxurious items on the market! The Glenlivet 30 Year Old Cellar Collection single malt scotch whisky is extraordinary, and if you decide to get one you might decide that you don’t want to give it away!

However, this drink has been aged for 30 years in the finest of oak casks and gives you both sweet and spicy notes of white chocolate, ginger snaps, and iced cinnamon buns, along with vanilla, pears, and coconut as well. If you want to give a gift that will work well for nearly any occasion, then you need to give this scotch whiskey out, if you can get a hold of it. Also, if you’re interested in scotch whisky investment, then you can contact them to get exposure to the whisky industry while also benefitting from its continued growth.

  1. Equiano Rum

For a drink that is a little more fun for everyone, then you need to try the Afro-Caribbean rum option of the Equiano Rum. It’s got all the classic flavors of banana, toffee, toasted vanilla, and dried fruits. Plus, the best part is that the rum is perfect for sipping all on its own. You don’t need to do anything to it, just let whoever you give it to pop it open and get drinking!

Treat A Luxury Occasion With A Luxury Gift!

Whether it’s a fancy birthday party, a luxury event, or one of those once in a lifetime parties that you somehow snagged an invitation to, you need to see about splurging on some of these luxurious alcohol options and then give them out as gifts. With these gifts in your corner, there isn’t going to be a party in the world that you won’t be invited to!

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