Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Foodies | A Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Foodies | A Christmas Gift Guide 2017 A Mum Reviews

Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Foodies | A Christmas Gift Guide 2017

I love giving (and receiving) edible and drinkable gifts! They’re great for many reasons they’re a treat, they’re clutter-free gifts as once consumed they don’t take up any room in the recipients home (great for minimalists!) and you might introduce your loved ones to something new that could become a new treasured favourite.

In this gift guide, I’ve collected some of my favourite food and drink gifts for this year, perfect for foodie friends or family members:Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Foodies | A Christmas Gift Guide 2017 A Mum Reviews


With food, I mean sweet things because Christmas is a time for indulging in all the biscuits and chocolate that you wish.

  • Arden & Amici Italian biscuits in these gorgeous gift tins are perfect to give away at Christmas. There are a bunch of delicious flavours to choose from and they also make a lovely range of Panettone. Read more about Arden & Amici in my full review post here.
  • Candy Mechanics make fun chocolate gifts and the range includes chocolate Candy Cards which are as brilliant as they sound! You can personalise them and send a chocolatey Christmas card to a loved one. They also make chocolate Lolpops moulded by a video upload of your own head if you know someone who would like to eat your face made of chocolate!
  • If you know someone who loves chocolate spread, you have to introduce them to Macabella Cocoa & Macadamia Spread, especially the Crunch one! They are amazing and much more luxurious than the leading brand. They’re available from Sainsbury’s for £3.00 each.
  • I don’t think anybody makes more stunning and fun biscuits than Biscuiteers! They’re delicious too and hand-iced in London, making each one unique. They have a few Christmassy gift tins to choose from and they look amazing!
  • Biscuiteers also make chocolates and this medium Christmas gift tin looks great! The flavours sound really good too and you get two of each one, making it perfect for sharing.

Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Foodies | A Christmas Gift Guide 2017 A Mum Reviews


Drinks of different kinds make great gifts too, whether they’re for celebrating, unwinding or getting enough caffeine into your system to survive the festivities! Here are my top picks for this year:

  • Cucumber and gin is a magical combination that works really well and the award-winning Cucumber Gin by the English Drinks Company is so delicious! Find out more about it here.
  • If you have a coffee loving friend, a luxurious coffee pod gift set would make a lovely Christmas gift! Belmio is a luxury coffee brand that combines intensely rich flavours with pod-ready convenience, bringing you Belgian coffee at its best at the push of a button! The pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. This 50 pod gift pack is a great way to try five different flavours.
  • Wine lovers would be thrilled to receive a Le Petit Ballon Wine Subscription! It’s a brilliant way to sample new wines as you receive two different wines delivered to your doorstep every month. What could be better? Read more about Le Petit Ballon here.
  • I love making hot chocolate when it’s cold and I’ve never tried any better hot drinking chocolate than the one from Hasslacher’s. It’s a huge chunky chocolate bar that you break pieces off and melt in milk with as much sugar as you wish. It’s so rich and lovely!
  • Last, but not least, how can you make gin more Christmassy? Put it in baubles! Pickering’s is a lovely gin and this gift set from 31 Dover contains 6 different coloured baubles, each with 50ml of gin. Enjoy 10% at 31 Dover with my discount code: “AMR31D10”

Need more ideas? Here are lots more brilliant foodie gift ideas.

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