6 Reasons Why Visiting Santorini Island Will Be Love at First Sight

6 Reasons Why Visiting Santorini Island Will Be Love at First Sight A Mum Reviews

6 Reasons Why Visiting Santorini Island Will Be Love at First Sight

If visiting a place like no other is on your bucket list, then visiting Santorini island definitely deserves a place on it. Although all Greek islands allure with their special charm, Santorini is a tad more awe-inspiring thanks to its volcanic landscape, the beautiful scenery, and the striking energy that surrounds it. Even if you are only staying for a few days, the endless blue of the azure Mediterranean sky and the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean will definitely create an unforgettable memory for you to take back home. Indeed, Santorini is a beloved destination for thousands of visitors that have already sensed the bizarre appeal and the unbeatable glam of the island. Still wondering why? Here are some reasons.

Santorini Volcano Greece

1. One-of-a-kind morphology

Past volcanic eruptions have contributed to the creation of the imposing Caldera and the uninhabited, black lava-formed island of Nea Kameni in the archipelago, among many others. Feel free to explore sites like the Santorini Hot Springs that are believed to have therapeutic properties or speak with the friendly locals living in cave-like houses or remote villages on the verge of steep hills and cliffs. Along the way, don’t be surprised if you see active, smoking craters that comprise the landscape of the Nea Kameni Volcanic Park (sometimes visible from the Santorini grounds).

2. Beautiful Cycladic architecture

One of the most photographed sights is the Blue Dome churches that are a distinguishing element of the islands belonging to the Cyclades complex. Adorning the tops of whitewashed chapels and churches, they provide not only a beautiful sight for your eyes but also a captivating backdrop for your photographs. And, have you noticed how beautifully the colours of the island contrast (and, at the same time, complement) with the wild beauty and all that blue around and over Santorini?

6 Reasons Why Visiting Santorini Island Will Be Love at First Sight A Mum Reviews

3. Beaches like nowhere else

Santorini is home to extremely enticing coloured beaches. Covered with pebbles in shades of black, red, or white, they exude mystery and a unique magnetic appeal. Some are well organised and family-friendly, while others are more secluded, wild, and ideal for party lovers. Worth visiting are the Red Beach (near the Akrotiri archaeological site), the black beaches of Perivolos and Perissa (around 15km from Fira), and the White Beach that dazzles with its almost unearthly landscape and the unique rock formations. Rent a car at Santorini airport to ensure you can get to all the amazing places the island has to offer.

Sunset Photographer

4. Heart-stopping sunsets

No doubt, Santorini exudes romance. Nearly every single spot around the island offers its own special sunset views, with Imerovigli being the most ideal place to enjoy the sun slipping behind the horizon. Almost hypnotising, the panoramas you get from locations like the Venetian castle of Skaros (Imerovigli) or even the Akrotiri Lighthouse nearby are not to be missed. 


5. Vibrant nightlife

Irrespective of the type of fun you have in mind when visiting Santorini, you won’t be disappointed. The cosmopolitan center of the island, Fira, gathers the majority of bars, tavernas, restaurants, and fast foods, where you can enjoy everything from international and gourmet dishes to traditional Greek cuisine and street food options. Don’t forget to accompany your culinary adventures with some locally produced wine – Santorini’s wines are world-famous for a reason!

6 Reasons Why Visiting Santorini Island Will Be Love at First Sight A Mum Reviews

6. Luxury accommodation at its finest

Again, Santorini covers all budgets accommodation-wise. However, if you are used to a VIP lifestyle and lots of pampering, then Kivotos Santorini is a luxury resort you will absolutely love. Situated in a prestigious Imerovigli location, it offers pristine views of the Aegean Sea, ultra-luxurious suites and private villas, and an impressive wealth of top-notch facilities, amenities, and services for dreamy Santorini holidays. With special suites for honeymooners, Kivotos Santorini is also the end destination for newlyweds looking for a stylish and elegant place that has it all.

Truth be told, words are not enough to begin describing the feeling one gets from just stepping foot on the island. The energy here is overwhelming and can help leave the gracious island fully rejuvenated!

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