7 Household Uses for Coffee Grounds

7 Household Uses for Coffee Grounds A Mum Reviews

7 Household Uses for Coffee Grounds

Who loves coffee? I do! After you’ve enjoyed your delicious fresh coffee, you’re left with the coffee grounds. Before you put them in your bin or compost, read this article below to see if you might be able to use your used coffee grounds for something else too. 7 Household Uses for Coffee Grounds A Mum Reviews

  1. Eliminating Odors: Coffee grounds work great as an odor eater

To reduce odor from your freezer, save some used coffee grounds in a jar and keep it inside the freezer. Keep the jar open. It will eliminate the bad odors from your freezer. They can also be used for removing odors from the rest of your home. In this case, make some frozen tablets using the coffee grounds and keep those tablets in different corners of your room.

  1. Removing Smells from Hand

Handling smelly foods like fish, onion or garlic can make your hands smelly. If you use only water and soap to wash your hands, the bad scent doesn’t go away easily. The good news is thatyou can use coffee grounds to remove the smell. After handling smelly foods, rub some coffee grounds over your hand and rinse with fresh water. The bad smell will be gone. Easy!

  1. Keeping Pets Safe from Fleas

Coffee grounds can keep your pets free from fleas. If you want fleas to stay away from your dog or cat, take 1 or 2 cup coffee grounds and rub those around the body of your pet after bathing, then rinse off. This will kill the fleas. Besides, it will also make the fur silky and smooth.

  1. Fertilizing Garden

Using coffee grounds, you can easily make your garden soil more fertile. These contain some essential minerals that boost the growth of plants. Take some coffee grounds and spread them in the soil surrounding the plants to make the soil fertile. The coffee grounds also attract worms. You can mix some coffee grounds with the soil of your flowerpot to enhance the growth of your potted flower plants too.

7 Household Uses for Coffee Grounds A Mum Reviews

  1. Removing Scratches from Wooden Furniture

In order to remove a scratch from wooden furniture, make a mixture of ¼ cup coffee ground, ¼ cup warm water and ¼ cup vinegar. Keep the mixture untouched for an hour. After that, apply the mixture to the scratch. If it’s a light-coloured surface, keep it for 5 minutes before wiping away, if it’s a dark-coloured surface, keep it on for 1 hour.

  1. Preparing a Beauty Scrub

Coffee grounds can improve your skin’s texture and appearance. Create a mixture of 1/2 cup used coffee grounds, 1/4 cup sugar and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Rub the mixture on dry skin. It will tighten the skin and improve skin tone. A mix of milk and coffee grounds can also work well for acne-prone skin.

  1. Repelling Insects

Coffee contains some compounds that are toxic to insects so you can use coffee grounds to get rid of insects. All you have to do is spread some used coffee grounds around the area where you don’t want insects, for example outside your door to keep them from entering your house. You can also keep the grounds in a pot and set it in outdoor sitting places to keep insects away.

Final Verdict

Now you know how you can make great use of used coffee grounds in different ways. Besides these, you’ll find many more uses for coffee grounds, thanks to resourceful websites such as coffeedorks.com.

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