7 Things We Always Forget to Clean – How Clean Is Your House?

Things We Always Forget to Clean

7 Things We Always Forget to Clean – How Clean Is Your House?

There’s nothing better than clean bed linen, a freshly vacuumed carpet in every room, a sparkling bathroom and a spotless kitchen. It just has the feel good factor. But is your house really clean? We tend to clean the same areas over and over, simply because they get used the most and need regular maintenance. However, did you know that there are other areas of your home that need as much attention as your kitchen counters and your bathroom sink? It’s true!

Read on for 7 things we always forget to clean!

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1. Those skirting boards

When was the last time you dusted your skirting boards? They’re notorious for collecting dust – they’re like little shelves! If yours are in need of a little TLC then make sure you start your cleaning routine with a quick dust, or a deep clean with hot water and a cloth. Alternatively, if yours a looking a little worse for wear, then check out skirtings r us for the latest in skirting board design and installation information.

Things We Always Forget to Clean

2. Your dishwasher

A dishwasher cannot give you the clean dishes you need if its grimy and dirty. So, every now and then give it a good deep clean. You can clean the filter by washing it by hand and then run a wash cycle with dishwasher cleaner. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions first to make sure it’s done correctly without causing damage.

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3. Your mops and brooms and buckets

All that grime you swept up the other day? If you don’t clean or wash your cleaning implements then you’re simply pushing the bacteria around again! The same applies to your mops. Make sure that you’re cleaning them after every use. You can soak your broom head in soapy dishwater and soak your mop in hot water and bleach. Ensure they’re totally dry before you put them away and you’ll notice the difference next time you use them!

Things We Always Forget to Clean

4. Picture frames

All those lovely family moments can quickly become obstructed with dust and grime. So make sure you’re wiping those photo frames at least once a week. Including the frames you have mounted on the wall.

Things We Always Forget to Clean

5. TV remote

The TV remote is one of the most touched objects in the home. And its for that reason that it’s absolutely germ ridden! Make sure you give it a thorough wipe with an anti-bacterial wipe and use a cotton bud to get into those little nooks and crannies.

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6. Your pop-up sink plug

Unlike old style plugs on a chain, we don’t really need to lift the plug out of the sink itself when it’s a pop-up one. However, if you haven’t taken the plug out and cleaned it in a while they you might need your rubber gloves!

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7. Toothbrush holder

All that water, saliva and toothpaste residue from your brush simply filters down into the toothbrush holder your brush is standing in. Creating a rather disgusting collection at the bottom. Make sure you give your toothbrush holder a good clean every week!

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