9 Reasons to Send Your Child to an IB School

9 Reasons to Send Your Child to an IB School

9 Reasons to Send Your Child to an IB School

Expat families in Singapore are often advised to send their children to international schools, particularly ones accredited by the International Baccalaureate (IB). While Singapore’s excellent public school system does offer admission to international students, IB schools are usually a better choice for expatriate families for several reasons.

If your family is currently based in Singapore or is about to move to the country, understanding the advantages of an IB education may help you make a more informed decision regarding your child’s continuing education. Here are some reasons why you may want to send your child to an accredited IB school: 

  • Your Child May Not Be a Good Fit for the Mainstream School System

Many foreign children would have a hard time fitting into the mainstream Singaporean school system if they started their education elsewhere. Generally speaking, the older your child is, the more difficult their transition to the mainstream school system would be.

As with mainstream public schools, international schools in Singapore are still overseen by the Singaporean Ministry of Education. However, international schools offer curricula and approaches that are usually a better fit for expat children and their families. IB schools in Singapore are especially popular options for expatriate families, as International Baccalaureate programs are widely recognized throughout the world. This simplifies future school transitions should the family need to move once again.

  • IB Schools Emphasize Soft Skills

While some children are gifted with a knack for soft skills, many others need to be guided to reach their potential in these areas. Fortunately, IB schools emphasize a more holistic approach to education, teaching all students vital soft skills in addition to measurable hard skills.

The IB Programme has long been praised for the approach it takes in teaching children soft skills. This approach has recently been validated by scientific studies that demonstrate the value of soft skills in creative thinking and leadership. If your child struggles with these areas, an IB school may be able to help.

  • They Help Children to Be Independent Thinkers

Singapore’s mainstream educational system is one of the best in the world. However, as with mainstream systems in other countries, it is intended to help the country meet its unique long-term goals. Thus, it will tend to promote certain viewpoints over others, particularly in history and civics-related subjects.

The IB schools in Singapore aim to offer an education that is not only comparably rigorous as Singapore’s excellent school system but also encourages children how to find the answers they want. This may prove vital for encouraging your own child to become a critical, yet open-minded thinker.

  • They Expose Your Child to Different Cultures

Globalization is a trend that will only become more and more relevant in your children’s lives. Individuals exposed to different cultures early on will often have a distinct advantage when interacting with different people, which may allow them to excel in a closer-knit global community.

Singapore is already at the forefront of globalization, hosting expat families from all over the world. Entering your child into an IB school in Singapore will put them in contact with children and educators from all over the world, potentially expanding their worldview. The IB Programme’s cosmopolitan approach to education will also help your child develop solid frameworks for navigating a highly-internationalized future.

  • IB Schools May Be a Better Choice for Multicultural Families

If your family is multicultural but has no roots in Singapore, your children may find it difficult to relate to peers in the public school system. Sending them to an IB school may help them find a sense of normalcy in their multicultural heritage, as they will be with other expat children—many with backgrounds similar to theirs.

  • They’re the Best Choice for Families That Move Frequently

Expat families that need to frequently move from country to country can benefit from sending their child to an IB school. IB schools are located in countries all over the world, ensuring educational continuity for your child should you need to move. In addition, many high-quality educational institutions that are not part of the IB Programme recognize IB certification, expanding your options should your family need to leave Singapore.

  • Your Children Will Benefit from Learning a Foreign Language

Multilingualism gives children more opportunities to experience and learn about the world around them. If you want your child to be proficient in a widely-used foreign language, IB schools are a great pick. Students in IB schools are required to learn a second language as one of their courses, potentially opening up their perspectives and giving them the means to access new bodies of knowledge.

  • IB Schools Challenge Academically-Inclined Children

If you believe your child will not be sufficiently challenged by the mainstream academic system, enrolling them in an IB-accredited school may be a good idea. Students in the IB Programme not only get to choose the subjects they study, but they can also later take advanced courses in these subjects, much like in a university. This makes these schools a great fit for intellectually curious children.

  • IB Education Is Recognized by the World’s Top Universities and Colleges

The International Baccalaureate is recognized by many of the world’s top universities. If your family will be staying in Singapore throughout your child’s adolescent years, enrolling them in an IB school may be a good way to empower them to enter the university of their choice later on.

Final Thoughts: Is the IB Programme Right for Your Child?

The IB Programme is intended to meet the needs of international families and help children thrive in an increasingly globalized world. Enrolling your child in an accredited IB school may impart the discipline, discernment, intellectual curiosity, and leadership skills they need to become fully actualized adults. By choosing the IB Programme for your child, you can set them up for a lifetime of professional and personal success.

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