Bepanthen Review & Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle + £50 Gift Card

Bepanthen Review & Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle + £50 Gift Card A Mum Reviews

Bepanthen Review & Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle + £50 Gift Card

As parents, we all want our babies to be well and protected. Did you know that nappy rash affects up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies at any one time?1 It can be upsetting to see your baby’s bottom all red and sore as it must be very uncomfortable for them.

It can be tricky to know how to best care for and protect your baby’s sensitive skin to ensure nappy rash does not become an issue.

My youngest is 16 months old now and still occasionally gets a sore bottom. Since a few months back, she’s in cloth nappies during the day but I still use a disposable nappy overnight since they can be worn for longer more easily. This overnight stretch in a nappy is the longest one, naturally, and usually around 12 hours. She’s not asleep for that long – she always wakes up and wants to come into our bed or cuddle on the sofa if it’s earlier! I put her in her bedtime nappy at about 7pm and then I put her to bed soon after and she’s in the same nappy until 7 o’clock in the morning when we get up. Bepanthen Review & Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle + £50 Gift Card A Mum Reviews

To protect my littlest lady from any irritation while wearing the same nappy for so long, I like to use Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment when I put her bedtime nappy on which helps protect against the causes of nappy rash. It forms a breathable and transparent layer that gently protects my toddler’s most delicate skin. It’s a lovely ointment that helps care for my daughter’s skin with pro-vitamin B5 that helps the natural recovery of babies’ skin and keeps it soft and moisturised. This is ideal for any nappy change, of course, but especially at bedtime. Bepanthen Review & Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle + £50 Gift Card A Mum Reviews

Bepanthen is one of my most used nappy cream brands and I used it with my firstborn too. I love the texture and feel of the ointment, it works really well and the cap of the tube is really easy to open one-handed! It’s also easy to get hold of when needed as it’s available to buy from all leading supermarkets, chemists and independent pharmacies. It’s affordable too!

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment has won the Best Nappy Cream Loved by Parents award for the last three years and it’s the only leading nappy care ointment that meets all the nine gold standards2 of an ideal nappy care product:

  • Clinically proven for babies’ delicate skin.
  • Enhances the natural protection of the skin.
  • Maintains optimum moisture levels.
  • Does not contain any unnecessary ingredients.
  • Contains ingredients that have documented safety and benefits.
  • Is free from any potentially toxic ingredients.
  • Is free from any sensitisers such as fragrances.
  • Does not contain any antiseptics or preservatives.
  • Is pleasant to use!

Nappy rash is an inflammation of your baby’s skin that is caused by prolonged contact with a damp or dirty nappy. It can also be caused by the nappy rubbing on your baby’s skin, using alcohol-based baby wipes or not cleaning the nappy area thoroughly enough. Some soaps, detergents and bubble bath products can irritate babies’ skin and cause nappy rash too and if your baby has been taking antibiotics, this can also cause irritation. Bepanthen Review & Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bundle + £50 Gift Card A Mum Reviews

The best way to protect against the causes of nappy rash is to ensure you change your baby’s nappy often and straight away if he or she has done a poo, to clean the area well using gentle baby wipes, to use gentle bath products and to apply a nappy ointment when putting on a new nappy, especially at bedtime. If you do these things, your baby should be much less likely to develop nappy rash.

Download the Bepanthen ebook: What the parenting manuals don’t tell you here.

Giveaway – Win a Lovely Bepanthen Bundle Including a £50 Gift Card

For a chance to win a lovely Bepanthen bundle including the items below, enter my Rafflecopter further down. There will be one winner. Terms & Conditions apply. UK Entrants only. The prize will be sent out directly from the brand. The giveaway ends on the 7th of October 2017.

The bundle includes the following items:

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*This post is sponsored by Bepanthen.


  2. Atherton D, Proksch E, Schauber J, et al. Irritant diaper dermatitis: Best practice management. SelfCare. 2015;6(S1):1-11

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

The giveaway is for 1 x baby bundle, consisting of a six-months supply of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, a cuddly toy and a £50 JoJo Maman Bebe voucher. The giveaway closes at 12.00am (GMT) on 7th of October 2017 and is open to UK entrants over the age of 18 years.

The winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter and contacted within three days of the giveaway closing. The winner has 28 days to claim their prize and provide their contact details. The prize will be sent to the winner directly from Bepanthen within ten working days of the prize being claimed by the winner. The prize is non-transferable. There is no cash alternative. The giveaway is run by A Mum Reviews in conjunction with Bepanthen.


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