#ClothNappyMonday – Using Cloth Nappies in Autumn/Winter

#ClothNappyMonday – Using Cloth Nappies in AutumnWinter A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – Using Cloth Nappies in Autumn/Winter

The thing that worried me the most about using cloth nappies is how I’d be able to dry them. In the summer, it’s easy when the weather allows. We’ve had a really good summer this year here in the UK (at least in Sheffield!) and most days have been warm and sunny. Some have been very hot even! Sunshine, warmth and a good breeze are the perfect ingredients for easily dried cloth nappies and I’ve not struggled at all this season.

It’s September now though and the weather has already changed a lot. It’s much cooler, it goes dark early and we’ve had quite a few rainy days already. I can still dry nappies outdoors on the line but it takes much longer and I usually have to hang them out for a few days or finish drying them indoors.#ClothNappyMonday – Using Cloth Nappies in AutumnWinter A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

The type of cloth nappies you use makes a massive difference to how quickly and easily you can dry them. My stash is pretty much half and half AIO and pocket nappies. Most of my AIOs are Totsbots Easyfit Star nappies which I love but they take so long to dry compared to our other nappies! If it’s sunny and hot, they’ll usually dry in a day on the line but you have to remember to turn them inside out halfway through the day. They have a great fit though! My Bambino Miosolo nappies dry much faster and don’t need turning inside out so they’re better for winter use if AIOs are your preference. Some AIOs can be dried in tumble dryers on a cool setting but unfortunately our dryer doesn’t have temperature settings, just times.

I’m leaning towards pocket nappies as my favourite type of cloth nappies now and absolutely love my Baba+Boo nappies that we use for overnight wear. The inserts take quite long to dry on the line too but the good thing about pocket nappies is that you can dry the inserts in the dryer or partially dry them in the dryer and protect the cover by line drying it. The cover dries really quickly!

I will have to buy some more quick-drying nappies or pocket nappies for winter and have bought a bunch of Little Bloom charcoal pocket nappies that are fine and fit well but they’re just not as absorbent as the other brands I’ve just mentioned. They are very affordable though, wash well, dry quickly and great for using at home. The designs are quite cute too! I might see if I can get some better inserts for them.

I’m still learning about using cloth nappies and which ones are the best for us and I love trying new brands. I’m quite excited about the challenge of using cloth nappies in Autumn/Winter!

If you have any tips or advice, please comment below!

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