Combating Acne: A Guide for Mums

Combating Acne: A Guide for Mums

Combating Acne: A Guide for Mums

It can be distressing seeing your little ones get to that age where their skin starts to break out with acne.

It’s often one of the earlier and certainly one of the more unpleasant parts of puberty, and while it can’t be controlled it can be managed.

With a few tips, tricks, and lifestyle changes you can help keep breakouts under control and treat acne-prone skin.

Combating Acne: A Guide for Mums

Acne: How Does It Happen?

From stress to lack of sleep to a poor diet, acne can be brought on by a huge range of things but most commonly in teenagers, it is caused by balancing hormones.

Spots can present in so many ways, from a singular spot on the nose to a cluster across the back of the neck.

Remember, while you can work to reduce acne it’s not the teenager’s fault. So when addressing it, try to be sensitive as it can be an upsetting topic during a stage of life where self-esteem can drop rapidly.

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So How Can I Treat It?

Again, approach your growing child with care as acne can be a sensitive topic, but get them on board with the idea that some simple changes will make their skin so much clearer.

Here are just some of the ways that you can combat acne:

  • Through Consulting with A Professional

If your child is experiencing severe acne that remains persistent, consult with a professional dermatologist.

There are certain treatments that may be needed to combat acne, in cases of severe acne, this may be essential in order to negate the chances of scarring.

While costly and no doubt mortifying for your child, it may be necessary – so if acne is severe and persistent, get a check-up.

Healthy Diet
  • By Considering Diet And Lifestyle

There are many easier changes that can have a huge effect on the skin and will assist in minimising hormonal breakouts.

The obvious one is diet. Try to avoid processed foods and opt instead for wholesome meals that are easier to break down. It will show in their skin but also more generally in their health as their metabolisms start to balance out.

There are also lifestyle considerations, is your growing teen sleeping enough? Are they getting the right amount of sunlight?

The big one is stress – the teenage years can be hard with tests and exams and social hierarchies, so it’s best to create a stress-free atmosphere at home where possible, a safe space where your growing teenager can relax.

Often with lifestyle and diet changes the best way to convince stubborn teens is to lead by example, practice what you preach, and they may be more interested in making the changes knowing that you’re in it together.

  • With A Strong Skincare Routine

Make sure you are setting the right example for your skincare routine, a splash of water in the morning isn’t really enough when battling hormone-induced skin blemishes.

Make sure your growing teen is covering all the bases, from cleansing to moisturising, exfoliating and more.

And to top things off make sure that you do so with a quality brand like Skinsider that offers a range of high-quality skincare products.

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